Misconceptions About Adoption

Two women holding a baby and kissing the baby on either cheek
Whether it’s in the plot line on a television series or the talking points of a political pundit, portrayals of adoption can often miss the mark. This can lead to misperceptions among people who’ve never experienced adoption, as a birth family, adoptive family, or adoptee, or who don't realize how it has evolved over time. Social workers with The Village Family Service Center’s Adoption and Pregnancy Options Counseling program offer these facts and fictions to help break common misconceptions about adoption. Unintended Pregnancy FICTION: Actively parenting a child is the one, “right” choice [...]

How Kristin, Bernie, and Aubrey Became a Family

Kristin and Bernie with their adopted daughter Aubrey
Aubrey is a sweet and contented toddler. She erupts in giggles when her dad, Bernie, flips up the footrest of her pint-sized, pink recliner, or when her mom, Kristin, covers her cheeks with kisses. She is the perfect example of the miracle of adoption. She was what Bernie and Kristin were waiting for during the six years they tried to have a child biologically. “We knew we wanted to become a family, somehow,” Kristin says. And she was what they were waiting for once they decided to start the adoption process. It took time and patience for that perfect couple to find their book and choose them [...]

Remembering Paislee Rae

Paislee Rae
Paislee Rae Day memorializes a beautiful baby girl, and thanks agencies for adoption services. Precious Paislee Rae spent just 11 days on Earth, but in that short amount of time, the tiny girl made a major impact. She reminded her adoptive parents, Cal and Ashley Berry, that you don’t need to give birth to a child to immediately fall in love with her. And her brief life now serves as a symbol of adoption, and reminds others that, even if our quest for family doesn’t always go as planned, the reward is so great that it’s always worth trying again. Now Paislee Rae is remembered by many, thanks [...]

One Family, Two Adoptions, Countless Emotions

The Frieze Family experienced two very different adoption journeys
The call came at 8 p.m. Loren and Cameo Frieze’s son was about to be born 300 miles away. “We drove like crazy and got there just in time for the birth,” Cameo remembers. Surrounded by members of his birth family, they met their newborn son, Pierson, in the delivery room. Days later they would make the 5-hour drive back to Mott, ND, as a family of three. Loren and Cameo are high school sweethearts who had been married 13 years when Pierson was born. Unable to have children biologically, they decided to go through the adoption process. It was a hard sell for Loren at first, but looking back, he [...]

Giving Emma Her Best Possible Life through Adoption

newborn baby Emma
Natalia’s pregnancy came as a surprise. At that point in their lives, she and the birth father knew they couldn’t give their child the life that baby deserved. “As the birth father and I talked more, we both realized we wanted what was best for our child,” Natalia said. They turned to an adoption social worker to help them create a plan. “She was amazing, she explained everything to us in detail and gave us all our options,” Natalia says. “After speaking with her, we both knew what the best decision was for our child.” Both Natalia and the birth father were adopted, which helped them decide to [...]

All About Openness in Adoption

Openness in Adoption is often in a child's best interest
Adoption is complex, emotional, sometimes difficult, and can lead to the most amazing gift of your life. During the adoption process there are so many questions and uncertainties, including the decision of an open or closed adoption. At The Village Family Service Center, we are advocates of openness in adoption. Let’s talk about it. What Exactly Is Open Adoption? In an open adoption there is some type of communication between the birth family and the adoptive family. Open adoption recognizes the child's need to know his or her biological history and allows both the birth and adoptive parents [...]

Your Questions about Adoption Answered

baby wearing white looking to side
Beginning the adoption process can seem daunting for would-be parents. There are so many questions and uncertainties. Adoption social workers with The Village Family Service Center are a wealth of information. Here, they've answered some of the most common questions about adoption. Adoption FAQs What are the different types of adoptions? The Village facilitates several different types of adoption: North Dakota Infant Adoption, Interstate Adoption, International Adoption, Identified Adoption, Relative Adoption and Embryo Adoption. What kind of children are available to adopt? We specialize in [...]

7 Books That Celebrate Adoption

Graphic of 7 Adoption book covers
Adoption can be complicated, beautiful, challenging, rewarding, consuming, humbling, and above all, life-changing. Adoption can help fulfill a family’s dream of raising a child and another family’s dream of giving their child more. Adoption can cause uncertainty and can be painful for all as the process is built on people’s experiences of loss. Questions often arise from all three parties of the adoption. Birth mothers wonder if they have done the right thing and worry about others’ perception of them. Adoptive parents wonder about how parenting is different by adoption than by birth. As [...]