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A diverse group of employees sit in a row.
By Robert Jones | EAP Trainer | The Village Business Institute Violence at political rallies, videos of individuals shouting racist hatred, or images of hate scrolled on a building have brought the topic of diversity to the forefront of the nation’s conscious. Diversity has become a key societal discussion, and...
A flight attendant gives safety talk to passengers on the airplane.
Anyone who's flown has heard the saying. “In the event of a sudden drop in pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from above. Secure your own mask first before assisting others." This idea of ensuring our own wellbeing is at the center of self-care, says Katie Figuerres , a counselor...
A sad-faced piggy bank is wrapped up in Christmas lights.
Millions of consumers have begun their holiday shopping, snagging sale items either in-person or online, and considering themselves savvy shoppers. At the same time, many lose sight of the fact that regardless of the price, a bargain isn’t a smart purchase if it compromises a person’s overall financial health. Consumers...
A sheet of notebook paper is ready to record goals for the new year.
By Darren Carter | EAP Clinical Supervisor | The Village ‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions! As this year comes to an end, many of us are thinking ahead on how we can gain more fulfillment in our lives in the next. But if you are like many people,...
A woman and her toddler admire an ornament hanging on a Christmas tree
You can strengthen families. You can fight addiction. You can change a life. You can #BeTheVillage. In these stressful, sometimes chaotic times, we all need a Village. A community that supports you and provides the help you need to lead a healthy, productive life. The Village improves lives by offering...