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Coping with Stress during an Election Year
Steps for managing election year stress
By Stephanie Schafer, MEd, LPC, NCC | The Village It seems everywhere we turn there are political ads, political discussions, rallies, polls, and elections. During these times, a lot of things get stirred up, particularly emotions. Learning how we can manage the stress of something as emotionally charged as politics...
Why It’s Important to REALLY Love the Skin You’re In
Stop associating appearance with worth and appreciate your body as it is
By Julie Vandrovec, MS, LPC | Clinical Associate | The Village Business Institute I started my first diet when I was 10 or 11 years old. I was always a bigger child, heavy for my age. I constantly would (and still do) get messages about how much happier I would...
Challenging Our Assumptions and Striving for Cultural Competence
To be culturally competent, we must rethink our assumptions
By Nancy Boyle | EAP Trainer | The Village Business Institute “We are all a little different and that is OK. In fact, it’s good, if we strive to understand each other, accept each other, and respect each other. If we do that, our diversity can make us stronger as...
Adoption: A Decision to Give Baby Emma Her Best Possible Life
Natalia knew adoption was best for her baby girl
Natalia’s pregnancy came as a surprise. At that point in their lives, she and the birth father knew they couldn’t give their child the life that baby deserved. “As the birth father and I talked more, we both realized we wanted what was best for our child,” Natalia said. They...
Self-Care, Connection Contribute to Emotional Wellness
Relaxed woman practices self-care
By Darren Carter, MS, M.Ed., LAPC, NCC | EAP Counselor | The Village Many different things happen this time of the year that can add additional stress to our lives. The kids are back in school and adjusting to a new schedule. The weather is getting colder, so we’re spending...