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Father and son playing with blocks
By Britni Joubert, MS, LPC | In-Home Family Therapist | The Village Family Service Center Have you seen your child incorporate masks or themes of loneliness or germs into their play recently? Are they experiencing an increase in tantrums or whining behaviors? Do you notice other changes in how they...
A dance party in the living room is a great way to have fun together as a family
By Kelsi McClaflin , MS, LPC | The Village Family Service Center Stress. In today’s world this is a word that you likely say out loud or in your head on a daily basis. More energy is going into everyday life, which can be exhausting. So, how are you taking...
College Drinking
College is a time for memories to be made. You might move away from home, you have more independence than ever, and you are embarking on a new stage in life that will help you choose a path that makes you happy. You might join clubs, make friends across campus...
student loans
Whether you are starting to take out loans to pay for your education, or you are making plans to pay back your existing student loans, it’s important you understand student loan terminology to best help you gain control of your financial future. What is a student loan? A student loan...
During times of conflict we must communicate clearly, define the problem and hold ourselves accountable
By Nik Lovaas, MS, LMFT | The Village Family Service Center While we are in many ways still bound to our primal instincts, we’ve evolved. In times of conflict, we can communicate our complex thoughts and emotions. I believe we owe it to our ancestors to address conflict by communicating...