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When Bad Winter Days are SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder
Fall and winter can bring on symptoms of seasonal depression or SAD
By Andrea Hanson, MS, NCC | EAP Counselor | The Village The change in seasons can do more than alter the weather, it can also affect our mood. Starting in the fall and into the winter season, the days are shorter and usually less sunny. For some individuals, the change...
Staying Sober During the Holidays
Plan ahead for holiday parties and long breaks to stay sober and avoid relapsing
By Shanelle Claeys | First Step Recovery Christmas parties, New Year's Eve celebrations, and other get-togethers this time of year can be difficult for people in recovery. The stress of the holidays, old habits, and family traditions that involve alcohol can create high-risk situations for relapse. People with addiction can...
Divorce Do's and Don'ts
Divorce is difficult for everyone. Parents can take steps to ease the transition for children.
Divorce is difficult for everyone in the family. Kelly Olson , The Village's Chief Clinical Officer, suggests some things to do – and not do – when a marriage is ending that are in the best interest of your children. Do's: Allow your child to love your ex unconditionally without...
Helping Those Who Struggle with Mental Health
If you're worried a friend is dealing with mental health issues, reach out and ask if they are OK.
By Darren Carter | EAP Clinical Supervisor | The Village It can be an uncomfortable position when someone we know is struggling with mental health and we don’t know what to say to them. Part of you wants to check in with them, but another part of you might be...
Nothing Helped. Then The Village Entered Their Lives.
Sandy Nelson's family benefited from multiple services of The Village
Sandy Nelson’s daughter was running away and cutting herself. She’d had suicidal thoughts. Nothing was helping her. She was getting worse. That’s when The Village Family Service Center entered their lives. Through In-Home Family Therapy , Outpatient Counseling , and mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters , the West Fargo...