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Adoption: A Decision to Give Baby Emma Her Best Possible Life

Thursday, October 11, 2018
Natalia knew adoption was best for her baby girl

Natalia’s pregnancy came as a surprise. At that point in their lives, she and the birth father knew they couldn’t give their child the life that baby deserved. 

“As the birth father and I talked more, we both realized we wanted what was best for our child,” Natalia said.

They turned to adoption social worker Lindsey Krueger to help them create a plan.

“Lindsey was amazing, she explained everything to us in detail and gave us all our options,” Natalia says. “After speaking with Lindsey, we both knew what the best decision was for our child.”

Both Natalia and the birth father were adopted, which helped them decide to create an adoption plan. Their parents, other family, and friends were supportive. “They were by my side every step of the way making sure I was mentally prepared.”

It was important to Natalia that the family they chose to adopt their daughter be well-rounded and close-knit. “We wanted to find a family that had good family values and was stable. We also wanted someone who had similar interests as ourselves,” she said.

Openness in adoption allowed the birth and adoptive families to get to know each other and for their relationship to grow. “The communication and support was there from the moment we picked them,” Natalia said. “I felt comfortable and I knew the decision we made was the best.”

That openness also allows for a continued connection between the families. Natalia knows the baby she birthed will be provided everything she needs, and she can’t wait to see the beautiful girl Emma* will become.

“From the moment we met the adoptive parents, I had this overwhelming feeling of happiness knowing what an amazing set of parents she will have,” Natalia said. “There is not a doubt in my mind she will grow up to be an amazing, smart, funny, and loving little girl.” 

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*Name changed to protect child's privacy