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BBBS FM Community-Based Client Eligibility Criteria

As a parent, you can call us directly to enroll your child in BBBS. To be eligible your child must meet the following criteria:

1. The child must live in a family headed by a single parent or have other special family circumstances.
2. The child must be between the ages of 6 and 14 when first matched.
3. The child must be available to meet with a volunteer 4 to 8 hours per month for one year.
4. The family must be a resident of Fargo, West Fargo, Horace, Moorhead, or Dilworth.
5. The child must be lacking in adult relationships, extended family involvement, and other community adult resources.
6. The child must demonstrate a need for service in one or more of the following areas: school performance, adult and/or peer relationships, behavior, self-concept.
7. Children with an emotional, physical or behavioral disturbance to such an extent that the child’s needs are too severe for BBBS services to be appropriate, will not be eligible for services and would be referred to other community services. Children with a disability must be at a level where they can understand and respond to screening interview questions, attach to a volunteer, and fully participate in match activities.
8. If the child has been adjudicated delinquent and is awaiting disposition from the court, the application will not be processed until disposition is made. Eligibility requirements will then be reviewed with the parent.
9. If a child resides outside of the home, the custodial caregiver must have written permission from the person who retains legal custody. The legal custodian must be agreeable to the child’s involvement in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.
10. The application of a child involved in a custody court action will not be processed until permanent custody is determined.
11. The program has been explained to the parent/guardian and he/she has agreed to participate and follow agency guidelines/ground rules.
12. The program has been explained to the child and he/she has voluntarily decided to participate. 

For more information, contact Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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