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Calming Your Anxiety Around the Coronavirus

Friday, March 13, 2020
The spread of the coronavirus can increase our anxiety levels

The breaking news alerts are endless. It's all anyone can talk about around the water cooler. All the uncertainty and information overload is distressing.

You are not alone.

As our communities deal with the rapid spread of the coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19, the National Alliance on Mental Illness is offering suggestions on dealing with increased anxiety. Here are some of helpful points to remember:

Knowledge is power. Don't accept everything you read or hear. Get your information from reliable sources. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides frequent updates on COVID-19's spread, severity and risk assessment. Understand your own personal risk, which is influenced by any underlying medical conditions you may have. 

Get your emotional support system in place. Maintain familiar routines. Take care of your basic needs. Employ helpful coping strategies: Rest, eat healthy foods and engage in physical activity. Stay connected with others, whether by email, phone, social media or video conferencing.

Take control. Incorporate preventative measures, including hand-washing, disinfecting surfaces, and not touching your face. Limit your exposure to news reports that cause you to feel anxious and distressed; instead, seek out updates and guidelines on your terms and timeline.

Help each other. It takes a village, so let's support one another. Assisting others in their time of need can positively benefit you as well.

For more information about The Village's response to the spread of COVID-19, read our statement to clients.