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Caring for Clients During COVID-19: A Social Worker's Story

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
The Village is helping clients through web-based services

In a matter of days, the COVID-19 outbreak changed the way we all work, live, and support one another. This is especially true at The Village, where therapy sessions, addiction treatment groups, financial counseling appointments, and other services quickly shifted from in person to online.

Sarah Flesberg, LBSWAdoption and Pregnancy Social Worker Sarah Flesberg, LBSW, shared her experience about how pregnancy counseling and parenting support services had to evolve in a short amount of time.

On March 15, Sarah helped an expecting client who had transportation issues by driving her to multiple agencies in her community to gather the items she would need to be successful in parenting. Less than a week later, following guidance from the CDC, Sarah was no longer able to meet with clients in person. Thankfully, this client has developed a support system from family and neighbors from whom she can borrow needed baby items, and Sarah is continuing to meet with clients online, providing emotional support and helping them to problem-solve their issues.

“I have had clients in the past who did not have this critical support from family and neighbors,” Sarah says. “I was their only support person, physically and emotionally. I am thankful for web-based services so that I can continue to be available and supportive to clients during this scary and uncertain time.”

The Village continues to be here for you by providing behavioral health services that strengthen individuals, children and families through telehealth. Call your local office or request an appointment online.