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Crisis Management Services


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Crisis can come in many forms, including accidental death, worksite injury, natural disasters, terrorism, and crime. Organizations can enhance their ability to survive crises and stay in business by implementing a comprehensive crisis management plan. The Village Business Institute’s team of Crisis Management Planning and Response professionals will assist in limiting the negative impact of a crisis.


Planning for Crisis

Prior to a crisis, VBI consultants will assist in establishing a well-coordinated crisis response plan. VBI offers a range of crisis services including:

  • Risk assessment
  • Preparation of crisis management plans including policies, manuals, and checklists
  • Consultation on the management of crisis communications

Adverse Incidents, Grief & Stress in the Workplace

Difficult or adverse incidents in the workplace impact employees and their performance. Even events and accidents that occur outside the workplace can negatively influence performance and morale when employees are affected by those events. 

Employers can respond to these incidents by providing their employees with timely support by The Village Business Institute. Village counselors and affiliates are experienced in responding to adverse incidents that can have a very human impact upon an organization’s employees. Counselors are available to provide employees (and management) with an on-site opportunity to process their experience and learn to recognize their own stress or grief response. Prompt intervention and information regarding stress response, stress management, and grief can help reduce negative impacts and preserve employee engagement.

Trauma: Accidents, Life-Threatening Injuries & Death in the Workplace

Work-related traumatic incidents directly impact the physical safety and emotional well-being of employees. Trauma in the workplace is not only a threat to organizational productivity, but it can also negatively impact employee perceptions of their own relationship with the organization. 

The Village Business Institute offers intervention for workplace trauma by utilizing a defined model of trauma response known as Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). The CISM model offers specific individual, group, and organizational interventions designed to provide timely assessment, information, and support during crucial moments in the life of an organization. Counselors trained in CISM intervention are able to facilitate a process for the group or individual intended to reduce the impacts of trauma and stress upon employees and management within the organization.

Crisis Management Briefing

Crisis management briefing is an intervention effective in the wake of community-wide or organizational crises. The goal of a briefing is to provide information about the nature of the crisis and the organizational response, present information about common reactions to crises, and promote personal coping and self-care strategies that may mitigate stress reactions. A briefing is an efficient large-group crisis intervention and may be delivered any time following a crisis.

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