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This Giving Tuesday, #BeTheVillage for someone you know

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Young girl hugs her father with her eyes closed


Someone you know is in trouble. It could be your friend, your coworker, your pastor, the kid down the street. And rarely will you know it, because who wants to admit they need help dealing with life?

You can help change this person's life, or even save it. A person like Bobby. 

Bobby* was physically abused by his father and often acted out aggressively at school. His behavior was a natural reaction to the abuse, but it also was the beginning of an undiagnosed mental health disorder. His teacher simply saw him as a troublemaker and continually punished his behavior.

Bobby wanted out. He dropped out of school as a teenager because he felt it was a harsh and unwelcoming environment. He also was anxious to leave his abusive home and fend for himself.

Finding work was tough, but holding down a job was an even greater challenge. Bobby often clashed with his co-workers and supervisors due to his aggression. He dealt with this by drinking and was arrested a number of times for being drunk and disorderly.

By the time Bobby finally received a proper diagnosis of his disorder and substance abuse, he was in this 30s, and his mental health problems had become deeply entrenched. Bobby required extensive therapy, but could not afford it without a job that provided adequate health insurance.

He was on a downward spiral with no hope in sight.

That “someone” you know who is in trouble could be a “Bobby.” And, yes, you could help change the direction of that person’s life by giving a gift to The Village on Giving Tuesday (November 28).

Consider how Bobby’s life would have been different if he had been:

  • provided counseling services as a child and as an adult
  • assured an adult would protect him, and a professional would work with his father
  • understood by his teacher
  • paired with a Big Brother to provide a caring, stable role model
  • offered financial counseling to alleviate money-related stressors
  • treated for his substance use disorder to become sober and live a life in recovery
  • given hope for a better life

At any of those points in his life, Bobby would have known trained, caring experts were just a phone call away to provide him with the tools and support to handle his issues.

The Village offers all of those services. Your financial gift can help ensure they continue.

You can change a life. You can save a life. You can #BeTheVillage for your friend, coworker, pastor, and the kid down the street. 

Visit on November 28 to help ensure people receive the mental health services they need and deserve. Enjoy the joy of knowing you are investing in helping make life a little brighter, a little more hopeful and healthy for kids and families.

* This fictional example represents many actual clients seen by The Village