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Find tons of information about money in the articles below.

  • How to be a social butterfly without breaking the bank – We have a tendency to use eating out as our socializing time/entertainment. Unfortunately, as we all know, this can become expensive quickly. So what is a person to do?
  • The art of bartering in the modern age – Back in the times before established currency forms, people would mostly trade a good or service that they specialized in for another that they didn’t specialize in (but needed). Unfortunately, somewhere along the line this fell out of popularity especially in modern times. I, for one, would love to see bartering make a comeback in a HUGE way. 
  • Holiday Spending Guide – Tips to help you keep Christmas expenses under control.
  • 5 tips for building up savings – Americans are finding more satisfaction from saving money than spending money, according to The Gallup Economy and Personal Finance poll. But the poll also found that people are not acting on this desire. So how can we become savers? Here are some tips.
  • You can improve your credit score – here's how! – Most people are aware that their credit report is a determining factor in whether or not they get a car loan, a home loan, or a credit card. And that their credit score can impact the interest rates they are offered if they qualify for those types of credit. However, many don’t realize that their credit report can impact a great many other things in their lives.
  • How to fight fair to resolve conflict – How you spend your money is just one of the things on which you and your spouse will disagree. You are bound to have different viewpoints about a variety of topics, so it’s important to learn how to deal with your differences respectfully and effectively.
  • Change your perspective on money to change your financial life – There’s an classic optical illusion that features a drawing of an elderly woman or a young woman depending on how you look at it. The difference is in how you look at it.
  • 6 common-sense ways to deal with money problems – The answer to most money problems is a lot more basic than you might think and there are steps that everyone can take to get back on the right track.
  • 9 steps for coping with medical debt – A broken bone, premature birth, unexpected medical diagnosis and so many other health situations can throw many families for a loop financially. Here are steps and options to consider if you're facing medical debt.
  • 5 tips to pare down your Christmas list without looking cheap – The holidays can be a social landmine. Rather than risk offending someone, we often go overboard and end up with a gift list nearly as long as Santa’s.
  • Consequences of overspending on the holidays – Many shoppers lose sight of the fact that regardless of the price, a bargain isn’t a smart purchase if it compromises a person’s overall financial health. 

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