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Openness in Adoption

Openness in adoption means there is some type of communication between birth and adoptive family. It recognizes the child's need to know his or her biological history; and the birth and adoptive parents need to show their love to the child of adoption.

Typically, birth and adoptive families meet, select each other, and work together toward the placement of a child. They plan for an ongoing, active relationship in which they will communicate with each other through letters, pictures, phone calls, emails, and /or meetings.

Open adoption recognizes that birth parents will NEVER forget their children. It offers the opportunity for birth parents to have a voice in choosing their child’s future, to know their child is being raised in a warm, loving environment, and most importantly, to be connected to that child as he or she grows up. To be successful, every open adoption must be built on RESPECT and TRUST, and all involved must be honest and candid with one another. 

It is important that the roles of birth parents and adoptive families are clearly defined. Open adoption is not shared parenting. There is a difference between being a child’s birth parent and parenting the child day-to-day. Open adoption is intended to serve the best interests of the child, and those interests should always be held sacred.

Openness in Adoption ...

  • allows birth and adoptive families to mutually create their own unique adoption plan.
  • allows communication between birth and adoptive parents. This communication can begin before the child is born, in order to facilitate a smooth transition for all parties.
  • is practiced in degrees. It is not all or nothing, rather an opportunity to grow.
  • allows for birth and adoptive families to begin to develop a relationship that may last a lifetime. As in any relationship, there are periods of change.

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