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Regulatory and Compliance Topics

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Helping your team comply with various federal and state regulations is an important part of ensuring their success in your organization, and helping the organization be successful as well. These trainings are designed as a supplement to your ongoing training efforts. For more information, read our Training and Consulting Services guide.

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Drug-Free Workplace

Every employee has a responsibility to maintain a safe workplace that is free from drugs and alcohol:

  • How to recognize and respond to drug or alcohol abuse among coworkers
  • Review their organization’s Drug-Free Workplace policy
  • Useful for all employees

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Reasonable Suspicion

Supervisors are the key to enforcing an organization’s Drug-Free Workplace policies:

  • Review the organization’s Drug-Free Workplace policy and their responsibility
  • Discuss how to recognize an employee who is struggling with drugs or alcohol
  • Consider how to intervene appropriately, following established procedures and documenting performance patterns
  • Useful for supervisors, managers

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Preventing Harassment or Bullying / Handling Complaints

Using the organization’s policies, the training focuses on critical elements dealing with harassment or bullying:

  • Help employees identify types of harassment
  • Discuss how to prevent harassment in the workplace
  • Prevent bullying by identifying types of bullies and techniques to deter them
  • Review methods to address harassment complaints, according to organizational policies
  • Custom option: Useful for all employees, or can be tailored for supervisors

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Workplace Violence

Conflict at work sites is a national challenge, and employees need to be prepared:

  • Identify the warning “red flags” that could signal violence
  • Review what to do when behaviors are observed
  • Consider methods of safely reducing conflict triggers
  • Useful for all employees

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Title VI and You

Any agency that receives federal funding should be aware of these regulations:

  • Become aware of the policies and what they mean for your organization
  • Discuss how your organization can comply with the federal mandates
  • Useful for supervisors and managers.

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