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Sharing Your Why and Trusting in Yourself and Others

Thursday, September 5, 2019
Seek out feedback from people you trust

By Jara Enger | Account Executive | The Village Business Institute

At a recent “check-in” meeting with a few of my coworkers, where each week we share how we’re doing and what our plans are, the topic turned to upcoming agenda items. We were brainstorming and the creative juices were flowing! Our ideas quickly moved from one energizing thought to another, and the connection was incredible! I left that meeting feeling so energized, yet a little self-conscious about the ideas I shared and how my coworkers had received them.

I’m blessed to work on a team of supportive individuals and fortunate to have built trust with them, so instead of ruminating about what they were thinking or if I had read the energy in the room correctly, I decided to just ask someone. I knew if my colleague had concerns with the information I shared or how I delivered it, she would be honest and tell me in a positive, constructive way. If I was overthinking things, she’d help me rein that back in, too.

Guess what? I was second-guessing myself for no reason! Do you do that, too?

If we can’t stop the second-guessing, let’s be brave enough to communicate with each other openly about it. It’s hard. It could leave us raw. But most of the time I find that honest feedback from someone I trust is just what I need to encourage me and lift me up.

How can we get there? I believe it’s about connecting with our “why,” as Simon Sinek shares in his TED Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”

I came to work for The Village because I believe in the mission and values. I’m passionate about removing the stigma around seeking help for (insert whatever relationship or work issue that we as humans are facing at this moment). Whenever I decide to shut down the repeating negative thought patterns in my mind and instead seek out input, be my authentic self, and trust in my “why,” I feel re-energized for serving others through this role.

To paraphrase Sinek: I’m willing to shed my own “blood, sweat and tears” for and with my “Village Peeps” as I like to call them, because we’re connecting around our “why” – to serve the lovely humans that we are so fortunate to connect with professionally and, in many cases, personally, as well.

"It's those that start with ‘WHY’ who have the ability to inspire those around them or find others who inspire them.” – Simon Sinek

Jara Enger, Village Business Institute Account ExecutiveAbout the author: Jara Enger is passionate about helping businesses connect with The Village's EAP program. She believes in the positive impact that The Village Business Institute's services make on an organization, by supporting employees in their personal and professional lives. She's crazy about kids and providing them with the support that they need to be successful, which is why she volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters. She loves coffee, connecting, reading, dancing and rollerblading, and bowling, watching movies, and doing anything in the outdoors with her husband and daughter. She has a degree in Special Education with minors in Business Administration and Psychology from MSUM.