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Signs of Financial Madness

Learn to avoid these signs of financial madness!

  • You keep separate personal bank accounts so you can each spend your money the way you please.
  • One of you has credit cards, debt obligations, or investments without the other's knowledge.
  • One of you has a collection or hobby that requires significant financial resources and the other is not fully supportive.
  • You make significant purchases without consulting each other.
  • You make significant purchases even when your spouse strongly objects.
  • One of you has no idea where your monthly incomes goes.
  • One of you has no idea of your total debts or assets.
  • One of you does not earn a paycheck, but must ask for permission to spend money from the spouse who does earn a paycheck.
  • You and your spouse assign certain debts and certain savings to each other.
  • One of you refuses to be accountable to a budget or savings plan.

– Jeremy L. White in "Christian Financial Concepts"

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