Stop Putting It Off: Dealing with Procrastination (WEBINAR) | The Village Family Service Center

The Village Family Service Center

Stop Putting It Off: Dealing with Procrastination (WEBINAR)

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Noon to 1 P.M.
Online via Zoom


The pandemic has brought to light a struggle that most every person deals with … procrastination. While we may think that procrastination is a time management problem it may be a sign of something deeper.

In this free workshop with Robert Jones, an EAP Trainer with The Village Business Institute, we are going to examine what procrastination is, how it can affect us, and what we can do to stay active to maintain a level of effectiveness while taking care of ourselves. We will consider the idea that procrastination is not a time management problem, but a symptom of an emotional struggle, and we will outline ways that we can deal with procrastination to maintain effectiveness.

This session will start at noon Central on Wednesday, May 12, and will include time for questions and answers. This webinar is part of The Business Bite, a series of lunchtime talks on topics that matter. The session is free and spaces are limited. Register via Eventbrite