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Team Training and Development

Topics in this group are designed for all employees, to help everyone on your team grow and learn. For more information, read our Training and Consulting Services guide

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Conflict Resolution

Although often viewed as negative, conflict can be very healthy for organizations:

  • Explore how conflict can be useful to help teams and organizations change and grow
  • Consider steps for effective conflict resolution

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Intergenerational Teams

Interacting with people from multiple generations is an important skill set for any organization:

  • Examine generational differences, strengths and similarities
  • Explore techniques to effectively work with each generation
  • Custom options: Discuss all generations, or focus on millennials or other generational subsets

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Civility in the Workplace

In the past two decades, rates of incivility in the workplace have risen significantly, leading to an increase in harassment:

  • Consider the slippery slope from incivility to harassment
  • Examine the impact on the organization
  • Identify your role in creating a civil work environment

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Dealing with Difficult Personalities

Different personalities can create different dynamics in the workplace:

  • Learn how to identify personality or behavioral characteristics that may cause conflict
  • Discuss helpful techniques to effectively deal with an individual
  • Examine positive feedback mechanisms to help individuals grow

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Workplace Diversity Matters

Want to propel your team or organization to be at its best? Harness the power of diverse thought and ideas:

  • Explore why diversity is an asset to the team or organization
  • Discuss how to include and use the diverse strengths
  • Consider how to effectively resolve differences

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Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication is essential to the growth and success of your team or organization:

  • Investigate critical components to successful communication
  • Discuss the variables that impact the effectiveness of our communication strategy
  • Explore positive ways to enhance your communication

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