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Types of Adoption

If you decide adoption is the right journey for you, The Village Family Service Center can assist you with a variety of adoption options:

We help families all across North Dakota. See our list of office locations.

North Dakota Infant Adoption

We place healthy babies and toddlers into adoptive families. When a birth family is considering an adoption plan, we are here as support through the whole journey. We approach the approved, waiting families who have successfully completed the preparation, training, and assessment process. A placement happens, on average, two years after assessment approval. This program is open to North Dakota families with one or no children. Children come from diverse backgrounds. We currently have a one year waiting list to begin this process.baby smiling and sucking their thumb

Identified Adoption

Identified Adoption is when a direct connection with a birth family and prospective adoptive families is made, and all parties mutually agree to an adoption plan. We can assist you in working through the adoption process and creating a plan that is personalized and comfortable for all including your baby. We strive to be responsive to your particular situation and time frame.

Interstate Adoption 

Interstate Adoption is for North Dakota families who plan to adopt a baby or child from another state in the United States. Families network with a licensed child placing agency in another state for the identification and placement of the child. Our staff can assist you in adoption preparation, training, and assessment services, in order to facilitate the placement of a child into your home, and then provide the required post-placement services. We will advocate for you and educate you on issues involved in the legal termination of birth parents' rights and a child crossing state lines. 

Relative Adoption

Relative Adoption is for distant relatives who wish to legally adopt a child in the family. Family members seeking to legally adopt a grandchild, niece, or nephew can do so without the use of a licensed child placing agency. More distant relatives require an agency like ours to assist in completing the adoption assessment process, as well as providing counseling services with the birth parents. This process falls under the Identified Adoption law and process. 

International Adoption

We network with international adoption agencies for the placement of children. We are COA accredited, knowledgeable, and experienced in Hague and non-Hague adoptions. 

We would be happy to assist you with the preparation necessary for completion of the adoption assessment. After placement we can complete any required post-placement visits and reports, and assist in re-finalization or validation. Our staff can assist you in finding a reputable, licensed networking agency. We can also connect you with other adoptive families who have added to their family with a child from China, Ethiopia, Russia, Guatemala, Colombia, Ukraine, Vietnam, and many others. 

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Embryo Adoption 

When couples go through in vitro fertilization (IVF), sometimes there are fertilized eggs (embryos) that remain and are frozen for later use. An estimated 700,000 to over 1 million human embryos are currently stored in the U.S. When this couple decides their family is complete but still have embryos remaining, there are a few options:

  • They can donate their embryos to a couple who is unable to conceive for the purpose of adoption.
  • They can donate the embryos to research.
  • They can thaw the embryos and let them die.
  • They can keep the embryos frozen and continue to pay storage fees.

Embryo adoption allows the genetic parents to give their embryos a chance for life. And it provides prospective adoptive parents with an opportunity to have children. Embryo adoption is an option for those who are able to medically carry a child through to delivery, allowing the prospective parents to experience pregnancy and birth. There is generally openness involved in these adoptions.

The National Embryo Donation Center is a non-profit organization that helps both embryo donors and recipients. Check out www.embryodonation.org to learn more. When someone donates embryos to the NEDC, they become the interim caregiver. The NEDC team works hard to match the right embryos with the perfect adoptive family. 

We can get you prepared for adoption and complete your home study assessment for this type of adoption.


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