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VBI Training Testimonials

  • "The Village Business Institute is very accommodating to our annual training needs. We appreciate their flexibility, as we have several remote locations and affiliate companies. We are grateful to VBI for facilitating our required annual training for our 400-plus employees. The impact is everlasting!" – Judy Billehus, Human Resources, JMAC Resources
  • "Training representatives from The Village Business Institute have been invited to Mayville State University on several occasions to provide training to our staff and faculty. We have been pleased with VBI's high level of professional trainers who provide quality training topics that are aligned with our business goals and engaging to our employees. Our VBI partners take time to tailor training content to our audience through discussion and planning with your HR department prior to each training session. The Village Business Institute has always accommodated our scheduling requests, which has increased our training participation on campus. I would strongly recommend VBI to organizations looking to enhance their employee training program." – Jane Grinde, Mayville State University
  • "Easy to understand, interacting with the audience." – Training participant, Drug Free Workplace
  • "The presenter has a good sense of humor and knowledge." – Training participant, Customer Service
  • "Engages with the group. Gets you thinking." – Training participant, Workplace Diversity
  • "He was easy to relate to and made me think about ideas in my daily life." – Training participant, Compassion Fatigue
  • "I think he found ways to keep us engaged and there was a purpose to each activity." – Training participant, Leadership Academy Session
  • "Appreciated that not all of us fit in one category." – Training participant, Intergenerational Teams
  • "Various components of each main topic/videos were enlightening." – Training participant, Depression, Anxiety, & Suicide Prevention
  • "The presenter keeps my attention, Great Job!" – Training participant, Leadership in Action
  • "Presented in a way everyone could relate to." – Training participant, Of Steel & Velvet: The two sides of accountability
  • "The material was very beneficial to what we do." – Training participant, Emotional Intelligence

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