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What Our Clients Say...

These are testimonials from actual clients of The Village's In-Home Family Therapy (Family-Based) Services.

"Our son is troubled and we have had to ask for help many times. We wish we had gotten a fraction of the help from all the other places that we received from The Village. Our worker was so professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Yet he was not ashamed to go to others to help him understand this case. He took the information to several others. He never talked down to us or put us down and no one will ever know how important that is."

"Our therapist made us feel like some of the problems we were having with our teenage children were normal. She made us feel comfortable."

"My son's behavior improved and my worker helped me to be a better parent. We are a stronger family."

"I have learned how to deal with my son's temper tantrums more calmly and how to avoid having them grow bigger. My son's fits have decreased a great deal and he hasn't had a temper tantrum since."

"I am able to see much more clearly why my sons fight so much and what to do about it. I feel more hopeful that I'll be able to help my younger son with his anger."

"It was great to have the therapist come to our home. She did a great job at developing our strengths and helping us with our weaknesses."

"Working with the in-home therapist helped us communicate as a family. We have a better understanding of each others' feelings and have started to understand our own faults and how to improve them."

"No destructive and dangerous behaviors, no threats to harm self or others and less fighting – more peaceful, much better communication."

To access The Village's In-Home Family Therapy services, call 800-627-8220 or contact us online.