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When Newlyweds Needed Budget Help, Alicia Was There

Thursday, September 20, 2018
A woman puts changes into a piggy bank

A chronic medical condition, student loans, and some poor budgeting – “just really being a dummy” – had left Julie, of West Fargo, ND, with $25,000 in debt and a credit report in need of repair.

She and her husband knew what they needed to do. They’d researched Dave Ramsey’s methods and understood the concepts. They just weren’t applying them. “We just needed that get up and go,” Julie says.

That’s when the newlyweds met with Alicia Kellebrew, a financial counselor with The Village Financial Resource Center.

“It’s hard to put into words how many ways she helped us,” Julie says. “She’s just a wonder, that one. I can’t sing her praises enough.”

Alicia helped Julie and her husband figure out what an appropriate budget looked like and gave them monthly tracking sheets. When the paper ones just weren’t working for the couple, she sent them an electronic spreadsheet that they’re still using.

“We know where our money is going all the time,” Julie says.

Alicia offered advice on repairing Julie’s credit report and set them on the path to paying off their debt. After a year, all that’s left is $11,000 student loans, which will be paid off in a year’s time.

Julie says she doesn’t know if they ever would have gotten themselves on the right financial track without Alicia’s help.

“We needed someone that we could talk to one-on-one and get advice from, and it was through Alicia at The Village,” Julie says. “She genuinely wants to teach people. She genuinely wants to help, just like everyone at The Village.”

Julie speaks highly of the entire organization, which offers a wide variety of programs that help strengthen individuals and families. She had been utilizing The Village’s counseling services when she learned about the Financial Resource Center.

“So many people don’t have access to mental and medical health care,” Julie says. “I’m so blessed to have stumbled across The Village, to have it put in my life. It’s changed me so much for the better.”

To learn more about the financial counseling and debt management programs offered by The Village, call 1-800-450-4019 or contact the Financial Resource Center online.