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Why Do Women Choose Adoption?

Saturday, November 24, 2018
Adoption is a loving choice made with the baby's best interest at heart.

Adoptive parents and adoption social workers will tell you: Adoption is a selfless act, and a way for birth mothers to show the utmost love for their child. This is an important point to remember as we celebrate Adoption Awareness Month in November.

But what leads women to decide that adoption is the best plan for her and her baby? Here are 11 reasons why, according to our adoption social workers:

  1. Adoption will provide safety and stability for the child.
  2. They want their child to have a solid, two-parent family.
  3. They're not emotionally ready to be a mom.
  4. Finances are unstable.
  5. They are already parenting.
  6. They have prior involvement with social services.
  7. No support from the baby's father.
  8. Limited support (or none) from family members or friends.
  9. Situations, such as mental illness or incarceration, prevent them from parenting effectively.
  10. Future plans, such as college, make adoption a better choice for the child.
  11. Their lifestyle isn't conducive for raising a child.

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