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Why Kori is Thankful for Her Village Co-Workers

Monday, November 26, 2018
Kori Deisler was nominated by her co-workers to receive $1,500 in car repairs

Kori Deisler is especially thankful for her Village co-workers this year. Because of them, she received a life-changing gift. Kori, a client services intake specialist, was recently selected by Matt’s Automotive Service Center in Fargo to receive $1,500 in car repairs through its Day of Service promotion. The reason? A flood of nominations from her colleagues at The Village.

Sandy Heffernan, Fargo office manager, heard about the Nov. 23 Day of Service on the radio while driving to work one morning. She knew Kori had been having trouble with her 1998 Ford Explorer. Kori hadn’t been able to get the oil changed because the hood wouldn’t open, and she was worried about the engine seizing this winter. Sandy thought about Kori having to walk to work, and how she would struggle to get her daughter places.

Sandy shared the contest entry information with the rest of the Fargo intake team via an email that was quickly forwarded and re-forwarded around the office. People were happy to do this for Kori because of her hardworking and selfless nature.

Counselor Katie Figuerres wrote in her nomination that Kori was the most deserving because she is so giving of herself in her role at The Village. “She is one of the first people our clients talk to and interact with and she is compassionate and caring in helping our clients navigate our system, which is critical as people reach out for services in their time of need.

Kori also had heard about the contest and even started to fill out the application herself, but couldn’t find the words to talk about herself or why she deserved it. She was incredibly grateful to her “amazing” co-workers who took the time to nominate her. While she always feels appreciated at work, she said it was so nice to know her colleagues care about her as much as she does about them.

“It makes me love my job even more,” Kori said. Kori Deisler's new car

That’s not where the story ends, though. When Kori brought her vehicle in for the repairs, the Matt’s Automotive team soon realized it was in far worse shape than the $1,500 could fix. Frankly, it was unsafe to drive. So instead of fixing it, the team surprised her by giving her a used Buick Century with 110,000 fewer miles than her Explorer.

“It’s a miracle that I truly needed, and without a ‘Village,’ I don’t think I would have obtained,” Kori said.

“That’s what we do here,” Sandy said. “That’s The Village. We look out for each other and we take care of each other.