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Youth Cultural Liaison Program (YCLP)

The Youth Cultural Liaison Program (YCLP) is focused on reducing the over-representation of Native American and other minority youth in the Juvenile Justice System. The Village provides this service in Devils Lake, North Dakota. 

What YCLP Does

  • Provide case management services for newly referred/lower-risk minority youth and families.
  • Work with youth who are diverted from the formal Juvenile Court to help families identify goals.
  • Provide direct service as appropriate, such as crisis intervention and assessments, etc.
  • Make referrals to relevant community-based services (individual/family counseling, mental health evaluations, alcohol/drug evaluations, etc.).
  • Provide support for minority youth and families who may already be assigned a case manager or probation officer.
  • Act as a liaison between the family and the Juvenile Court to help families understand and navigate the court process.
  • Provide support such as helping with transportation (if needed) to Court or other essential appointments.
  • Provide education for local service providers on cultural issues and effective practices.

How We Can Help

Services and supports the YCLP Coordinator may be able to provide include:
  • Transportation assistance
  • Advocacy
  • Job coaching
  • Independent living skills
  • Help accessing services such as housing, educational needs, medical, etc. that will benefit the family or youth and decrease risk of juvenile court involvement
  • Other support based on individualized needs of the youth and family

How to Get Started

  • Juvenile Court will refer appropriate youth/families to YCLP.
  • Youth may be of the following legal status: Delinquent, Unruly, Deprived, or Dual Status. They must live in the Devils Lake area or on the Spirit Lake Nation.
  • The YCLP Coordinator will provide documentation to Juvenile Court regarding intake, assessments, case plans, etc.
  • YCLP will collect data and demographics on participants.

For more information, contact the YCLP Coordinator at 701-662-6776.