Wine & Dine 2023

See you there next year?
wine and dine 2023

The Village Family Service Center's annual Wine & Dine proved to be a resounding success, with captivating entertainment and a shared commitment to supporting mental health initiatives, like training for trauma therapy models such as Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) The event, held on November 17, unfolded at The Delta Marriot, creating an ambiance that perfectly complemented the occasion's sophistication and purpose.

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But wait, what is Wine and Dine, you ask? 😉  

Wine and Dine is our annual fundraiser that helps raise awareness and funds for the work we do. 

We are feeling a grateful sense of community, and we won’t lie; a little sad it’s already over. What better way to relive the night than a recap? Ready? Sure, you are.  

Guests were welcomed with a sparkling reception that set the tone for the night, featuring a curated selection of fine wines and delectable hors d'oeuvres. The start of the night may be a fan favorite, mingling, grabbing your paddle, and picking a bottle of wine at the iconic Wine Wall. (Shoutout High Point Networks)

wine wall

As the night unfolded, guests were treated to a series of entertainment segments that added a touch of glamour to the event. Live auction, live music, and heartfelt speeches from key figures within The Village Family Service Center underscored the significance of the cause. First, we heard from Sam and Alyssa, Moorhead's Counselor – sharing Sam’s story.  Sam sought care at The Village because her 4-year-old son, Lennox, was struggling with anxiety surrounding sleep. By the time they got to their second appointment, Lennox’s father and Sam’s husband, Cody, got news of Cody’s third cancer recurrence. At that point, they completely switched tracks from their initial plan. Cody was only able to be there when they initially told Lennox about his cancer and when they told him that Cody was going to die from his cancer. Sam attended all the weekly therapy appointments for Lennox, but Sam also started individual therapy for herself.  

“Looking back on my weeks, I’m not sure how I managed two therapy appointments, all the treatment Cody was receiving, and work, but without the therapy and our support system, we wouldn’t have processed this huge life event as well.” shared Sam at Wine and Dine.  

Alyssa was the provider from The Village that supported Sam and Lennox during this time. She chose to use an evidence-based model in treating Lennox and Sam. Child-Parent Psychotherapy, or CPP, is a type of therapy for young kids (0-5 years old) who have been through something tough or scary. The idea is to help the child and their caregiver work through the experience and strengthen their relationship. Often, people think that young children do not need therapy or they are too young to remember something traumatic, but stressful events can impact the littlest of littles. One of the unique things about CPP is that it focuses not only on the child but the caregiver’s experiences as well.   

During Wine and Dine, Alyssa shared when she met Cody, “I had the opportunity to meet Cody for a session with Sam and Lennox. This was one of the most difficult sessions as I helped guide the tough conversation with Lennox that his dad was going to die. The way I did it was using Legos. A little background, Lennox and Cody share the love of building, and they played Legos together often at home. I was able to take some Legos and create a piece to share how the cancer cells were taking over Dad’s good cells in his body. Sam, Cody, and Lennox were able to bond over the news and supported one another while talking about the next steps in Cody’s journey.” 

sam alyssa

Following Sam’s story, a live silent auction unfolded, featuring an array of exclusive items and experiences. The generosity of attendees showed as they eagerly bid on packages, travels and events, raising funds to further The Village Family Service Center's mission. The sense of unity and shared purpose left us speechless, emphasizing the community's dedication to making a positive impact on mental health awareness and support. Maybe this is the fan favorite? 

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In the spirit of gratitude, the event concluded with expressions of appreciation to sponsors, volunteers, and attendees whose collective efforts made the Wine & Dine Gala an overwhelming success. The funds raised during this memorable evening will undoubtedly contribute significantly to advancing The Village Family Service Center's initiatives, which are mental health wellness in the community by providing trauma training for our providers to continue giving the best care to people like Sam and Lennox.  

Wine & Dine is not a celebration of culinary and entertainment; it is a powerful testament to the strength of the community of a shared vision for a healthier, more compassionate society. Together, we're making happier and healthier communities. (After further discussion, the entire event is a fan favorite)