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The Village Family Service Center

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Discover how we can help you. Our services include counseling, addiction treatment, debt management, adoption and more.

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We're here to help every step of the way. Click below to meet our expert, caring counselors and other service providers.

Upcoming Events

Seminar: Developing Organizational Culture through Leadership
No two organizational cultures are the same because they are made up of varying people, with different personalities, experiences, and expectations. This means that organizational cultures are constantly changing, especially if your organization has high rates of turnover. This constant change in culture can dramatically impact the organization. Learn how...
Giving Hearts Day
Help us #CountTheWays your donation can strengthen the clients we serve. On Thursday, Feb. 13, visit to make your donation to The Village Family Service Center. You may choose to dedicate your gift to your favorite program. You can also schedule your gift today ! Every giving heart counts,...


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Young family holding hands

Welcome to The Village

The mission of The Village Family Service Center is to strengthen individuals we serve through regional community behavioral health services. These include counseling for depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns, addiction treatment, mentoring, debt management, adoption, and pregnancy options counseling

Since 1891, The Village Family Service Center has helped area children and families improve their lives. The Village was founded as the North Dakota Children's Home Society, a home for orphaned children, and for decades provided a sanctuary for those who often had no other place to go. Today, The Village reaches out to more than 80,000 people every year, and we are constantly adapting our services to meet the needs of modern life.

As the definition of family evolves, so do we. And no matter how you define family, at The Village, you will never go it alone.

The Village Blog

Advice for Parents on Tackling ‘The Talk’
By Kathryn Davis Tidd, MSW, LICSW | Counselor | The Village Family Service Center Has “The Talk” come up for you and your family yet? You know ... the birds and the bees, hanky-panky. Yep, I’m talking about sex. If you are anything like most people, the desire to talk...
Choose To Make Today Matter
By Nancy Boyle | EAP Trainer | The Village Business Institute Many of us make New Year’s resolutions year after year. Why do we wait for a New Year to make positive changes? And how many of us succeed? A recent poll found 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions,...
IOP Helped Nikki Heal from the Past, Hope for the Future
Nikki was a prisoner in her own bedroom. Her entire life she’d been abused. As a girl, she tucked herself into closets to hide from her mother’s cruel words. She couldn’t escape the sexual abuse she later faced by two people she should have been able to trust. Her 30-year...