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Getting arrested for driving while intoxicated can be frightening
You made a poor decision to drink and drive and got caught. Now what? If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence , it can be a very scary and uncertain experience. After getting a DUI, you may have to appear in court . In most states there will...
Partners going over their budget
Just thinking about creating a budget can feel overwhelming, but streamlining your finances will make it easier for you to reach your goals. You may not believe it, but budgeting can actually be fun if you do it the right way! The outcomes of a successful budget include paying off...
A woman appreciates the bluebells growing in a field.
As spring comes into bloom, it often brings a sense of renewed energy. The season brings to mind spring cleaning and becoming more active and involved. It means the end of school for the year is near, and we begin thinking about summer plans – what activities, events, games, and...
Danielle Klapper is an art therapist at The Village
For Danielle Klapper , a blank canvas and plastic cups filled with thin paint could be the makings of a therapy session for a client who struggles to let go of control. Danielle would give a directive – pour the paint on the canvas – and then help the client...
Hearts are strung in front of a blue backdrop. Valentine's Day can be a good time to work on strengthening your relationship.
Valentine’s Day tends to be a time for people to focus on their relationship with their significant other. Perhaps you feel out of touch with your partner, and want to take steps to improve that relationship. A necessary component to any satisfying relationship is building a culture of appreciation where...