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Mom listening to daughter
You’ve noticed changes in your teenager’s sleeping or eating habits. Their energy level has dropped, and their grades are slipping. Even their personality seems different; maybe your once jovial child isn’t displaying their usual sense of humor. When parents notice warning signs like these, the first place to start is...
Man at Computer
Anxiety surrounding money is hard on a person's mental health, and having mental health hardships can be tough on your wallet , as well. According to , nearly half (46%) of people with problematic debt live with a mental health concern. Money issues and poor mental health can go...
Pregnancy can be scary, especially when it is unplanned
By Kim Wood, LBSW | Pregnancy and Adoption Social Worker You’re pregnant. Now what? Finding out you are pregnant unexpectedly can be so overwhelming . Every woman who is pregnant is scared at times. Feeling scared is normal, and there can be a variety of reasons for feeling this way...
Mother and son
Adults aren’t the only ones feeling the stress of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With no end in sight, it is weighing on children in many different ways. There may be a loss in routine and social traditions, increased anxiety about wearing masks or cleanliness, and general fear of the unknown...
Thad Stafford says First Step Recovery helped him along his recovery journey
In 2018, Thad Stafford was arrested for driving while intoxicated in his hometown, the city where he’d served on the police force for more than two decades. He entered treatment as a means to save his career, to ensure he could continue to provide for his wife and four kids...