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Instilling Gratitude in Our Children during the Holidays
Instilling gratitude in kids can have benefits at Christmas and in the long term
By Sara Vedvei , MS, LMFT | Counselor | The Village Family Service Center The holidays can hold different meanings for different people. For many, it is a season of thankfulness and a time to count our blessings. But why does it seem that the wish lists our children present...
Traditions: They’re About Connection and Meaning
A coffee break can be an important tradition that connects coworkers
By John E. Trombley, MMgt I remember watching the 2004 movie “Shall We Dance?” starring Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon. I’m sure I only watched it is because my wife wanted to. After all, the title alone was enough to convince me that there would be no explosions, fight scenes,...
Jeremy Found Financial Freedom
Stack of credit cards.
Jeremy was trapped. Confined by his own decisions, he found himself drowning in debt. Instant gratification led his life. A new shirt, concert tickets, or whatever caught his eye became his with one swipe of a credit card. He was a hard worker and worked multiple jobs. It seemed easier...
Tips to Support Recovery During the Holiday Season
Holiday events with family and friends can be challenging to sobriety
When you’re in recovery, the holidays can be hard. Jam-packed schedules create extra stress. Tense encounters with extended family wear on your resolve. Friends pressure you imbibe at social gatherings where alcohol tends to flow. Supporting your recovery this time of year is important. First Step Recovery staff share these...
'You've Saved Us': A Testimonial
Sara got the help she needed from The Village
No man is an island, Thomas Merton wrote. Much of the satisfaction and enjoyment in our lives stems from our relationships . Family. Friends. Colleagues. Romantic partners. They are central to our physical and emotional wellbeing. Relationships are also incredibly challenging, problematic and, at times, painful. Because at the core...