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A woman records her thoughts in a journal
By John E. Trombley, MMgt For many people the act of reflectively writing about life’s daily lessons is strangely close to that of having a root canal. Suddenly, all coherent thought evaporates as the memories of lessons learned become lost in the vacuum of space. It’s probably what professionals call...
A woman holds a pregnancy test
Any time a woman finds out she’s pregnant, she experiences a wide range of emotions – excitement, nervousness, joy, fear. These feelings can be more intense, and the situation more confusing, when the pregnancy was unintended. Social workers with The Village and Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota counsel expectant...
A woman holds her hands open to the falling snow and smiles.
Robert Jones | EAP Trainer | The Village Business Institute Just when we think we can emerge from our wintery cocoons to replenish our depleted levels of Vitamin D, winter drags on some more to bring another round of snow and subfreezing temperatures. While many of us recognize that spring...
Josh Luhman is a top fundraiser for Bowl for Kids' Sake, supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters
Josh Luhman jokes that he bowls for a living. His day job is actually at Hornbacher’s Village West store in Fargo, where he bags groceries, wrangles carts, and loads cars in the drive-up lane. Josh has been working at Hornbacher’s for about a decade, after a placement through Connections, a...
Making time for myself
By Kelly Olson, MS, LMFT | The Village Family Service Center In our busy lives, it's easy to let our own needs fall to the bottom of the to-do list. But not taking time for rest and restoration has consequences. It can lead to sleep loss, changes in weight, and...