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First Things First by John Trombley
Papers are piling up on your desk. Unread emails flood your inbox. The phone won’t stop ringing. Deadlines loom, and you feel like you’re drowning. “I need better time management skills,” you think. John Trombley may disagree. To him, it’s not necessarily about time management. After all, you can’t make...
A group of employees work on a project together
By Robert Jones | EAP Trainer | The Village Business Institute Diversity is not about the differences between groups, but the differences among individuals. When we allow an individual or a small group to speak for the larger group, we are allowing ourselves accept stereotypes, put up a wall, and...
Bored children lean on the back of a couch.
Schools have let out for winter break, and all the excitement surrounding the holidays may have led to a hectic household. After a few days, disrupted routines, sugar-filled diets, and cabin fever may have parents singing that familiar Christmas carol line: “And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school...
A diverse group of employees sit in a row.
By Robert Jones | EAP Trainer | The Village Business Institute Violence at political rallies, videos of individuals shouting racist hatred, or images of hate scrolled on a building have brought the topic of diversity to the forefront of the nation’s conscious. Diversity has become a key societal discussion, and...
A flight attendant gives safety talk to passengers on the airplane.
Anyone who's flown has heard the saying. “In the event of a sudden drop in pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from above. Secure your own mask first before assisting others." This idea of ensuring our own wellbeing is at the center of self-care, says Katie Figuerres , a counselor...