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A sailboat floats on calm water
By John E. Trombley, MMgt “Hurry up and eat your breakfast. We’re running late and you’re going to miss your bus! Don’t look at me like that, young lady, there’s nothing wrong with that oatmeal, now eat it and let’s get moving!” Ah, the hectic first days of getting the...
Heal from the past. Live in the present. Hope for the future.
Four days a week, people from all walks of life gather at The Village Family Service Center to problem solve life’s challenges, develop coping skills, support and learn from each other. Counselors teach them about wellness and self-care, relationships, communication, and more. The Village IOP is there for people who...
Christina Smestad is a child therapist with The Village
Kids struggle, too. Anxiety, bullying, trauma ... these and other life events can greatly affect a child's mood and behavior. Counselors at The Village work with children of all ages and use a variety of therapy tools, such games, imaginative play and art, to address their mental health challenges. One...
Parents carry boxes while moving their son into a college dormitory.
For parents of college freshmen, "back to school" means something entirely new this year – new schedules, new living arrangements, perhaps in a new city. This increased sense of freedom and responsibility can be exciting and overwhelming, and the student may have a difficult time making decisions. At the same...
The words "5 tips for building up savings" are seen next to a wooden piggy bank in the background
We all know it feels good to have some extra money in the bank, but it 's easier said than done to stash that cash. It takes discipline, but there are some tricks and tips that you can follow to become a saver: Have a budget and stick to it...