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Imagine having reliable information about yourself and your team - understanding what brings joy and excitement. Having confidence in the abilities one possesses leads to a more enjoyable life. Facing challenges without understanding can be discouraging and exhausting. CliftonStrengths® helps identify the sources of joy, tackle challenges with grace, and focus on what makes someone shine. Whether it's giving yourself permission not to be perfect or refining your strengths, CliftonStrengths® empowers you to enjoy both work and life to the fullest.

What is CliftonStrengths®?

CliftonStrengths® is a talent assessment that has been developed over 50 years of research and millions of interviews with successful people in their fields. Its founder, Don Clifton, was curious about what would happen if we focused on studying what was right with people instead of what was wrong, and he realized that such research did not exist. Unlike a personality test, CliftonStrengths® helps you identify your natural strengths and how to turn them into superpowers. It can be difficult to answer the question, "What are you good at?" because things we excel at come so naturally that we don't realize they are unique to us. CliftonStrengths® is a research-based tool that helps you confidently answer that question and use that knowledge to be the best version of yourself.

How It Benefits You and Your Team 

Team collaboration.

Gallup's research reveals that a strengths-based approach enhances:

  • Confidence
  • Direction
  • Hope
  • Kindness

Embracing individual strengths within a team leads to higher engagement, increased productivity, and improved teamwork.

Creating a Superhero Team

A key factor of engagement at work is being on a team that sees and values each other as human beings with unique gifts and contributions. Higher engagement yields higher productivity.

When team members value each other's strengths, they more effectively relate to one another, effectively resolve conflicts, boost group cohesion, and create positive dialogue.

Consider these items that great teams have in common:

  • Name and understand the individual talents of everyone on the team.
  • See a clear connection between each other's strengths and behavior.
  • Everyone on the team has partnerships that encourage their strengths and development.
  • Team members use their knowledge of each other's strengths to plan, strategize, analyze, and direct their actions.

A strengths-based team is a group of imperfect but talented contributors who are valued for their strengths and who need one another to realize individual and team excellence. A great team feels a sense of belonging, which is the foundation for achieving meaningful, sustained results.

Once you know the strengths of your colleagues, you will never look at them the same way again.

Why Choose CliftonStrengths®?

Discovering your own strengths and weaknesses can be a game-changer, and CliftonStrengths® is a scientifically-backed tool that enables you to do just that. By providing you with validated information about yourself, this knowledge empowers you to fully enjoy your personal and professional life. You can identify your passions, challenges, and unique abilities, allowing you to realign your focus and find more effective ways to succeed. With CliftonStrengths®, you can unlock your full potential and truly shine.

Strengths data

Who can benefit?

CliftonStrengths® is best rolled out to teams, departments, ongoing committees, boards… any group of people that work together towards the same goal. If organization-wide implementation is your end-goal (and it’s an excellent one!), and your organization is larger than 25 employees or is very segmented, we recommend starting with the Leadership Team. This strategic approach establishes a foundation, generates energy, and creates internal champions to ensure widespread buy-in. Imagine transforming your entire organization into a CliftonStrengths®-based powerhouse, consistently excelling in engagement, inclusion, employee satisfaction, and customer happiness. Let's discuss how CliftonStrengths® Discovery can be the catalyst for positive change in your organization.

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