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Big Testimonials

Our Big Brothers and Big Sisters often get as much out of the mentoring experience as they kids they mentor. Here are some testimonials from actual Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteers.

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I volunteered for this Big Brother program for a number of reasons. However, the most important reason was to mentor someone that quite possibly needed a strong male figure in his life. It makes it worth it when you take time out of a busy workday and your "little brother" comes running towards you with an ear-to-ear smile. Making someone else’s day is always more fulfilling than making your own. That is what this program is about to me. – Scott

For the last five years, my little has given me the opportunity to realize the impact that giving time can have on someone's life. Our relationship has grown over the years and she counts on me just as much as I count on her. She's taught me so much about the world and the reality of the day-to-day obstacles that many of our community's youth have to face. She's also taught me about courage and about imagining a life that is anything you could ever dream up. The outings that we take aren't expensive, and they don't involve fancy adventures – rather they provide an opportunity to connect, talk, and simply spend quality time together. I do this because I believe in the possibility that the youth of our community represent and I want to be part of ensuring they have the support and networks needed to make a difference. – Angela

I was fortunate to be matched with my little brother. He is a great young man. I go pick him up we go hang out talk about issues and agree and disagree about differences. My goal has always been to make my little brother feel important and listen to what he says. I have always supported him in whatever he does, music and theater year round. – Kim

I have been part of the BBBS program for the past two years and being a "Big" has been such a rewarding experience for me. It's a great feeling to know in some small way you are making a difference in a child's life. – Alyssa

I continue being a Big Brother because I see what a direct impact I have on my Little Brother and it truly brings joy to both of our hearts and lives. Spending time with him gives back in ways that words cannot explain and money cannot buy. It’s been literally LIFE CHANGING! – Josh

I was fortunate enough to grow up with many role models in my life that got me to where I am now; and I want to make sure my Little Sister gets the same opportunity! – Andrea

I want to help boys have the same great childhood that I had! – Mark

The decision to become a Big took me a few years. I am a grandmother at heart with no grandchildren. In thinking about what I wanted to do to fill my desire to spend time with children I thought about many things. The opportunity to stay with a child through their formative years appealed to me rather than volunteering in schools or hospitals, etc. where you only spend a short time with a child. Being a Big has given me the opportunity to interact with a child that has added so much enjoyment to my life. I feel blessed to have found her and to have her in my life. – Sharon

I have been a part of BBBS for around five years. Before becoming a Big, I had been a part of different fundraising efforts for the program, most notably Bowl for Kids’ Sake. I got a chance to see some Bigs and their Littles at the event and could see firsthand the effect these volunteers had on the kids. I decided I wanted to try being a Big and make a difference in someone’s life. It has been a great experience and I encourage others to get involved, too! – Karl

I come from a blended family, in which my parents each had a child from their previous marriages. My brother was 8 when his mother and my father divorced. His mother let my father keep custody of my brother in exchange for their businesses and even despite that, she failed to keep her visitation times. My brother's life trajectory dramatically changed during those years and he grew up with numerous social and behavioral problems. He passed away last year at the age of 44 and had nothing to show for his time on Earth. I always wondered if his life would have been different if he had not been rejected by his mother, especially during the formative years of his youth. This thought haunts me and it was what motivated me to become a part of BBBS. A mentor does not necessarily fill the void that arises out of tragedy, trauma, or broken relationships, but they can be one more voice that affirms a child. Something as small as asking about their day, learning about their interests, or showing up to their performances may make a significant difference in a child's life. This small difference is worth the time, money, and effort spent volunteering. In the end, I too have been encouraged and blessed through my time spent with my Little.

It’s really enjoyable to see the world through the eyes of a child and rewarding to be involved in such a way as to make a positive difference for her in terms of learning and development. Hopefully this Big/Lil Sister relationship will inspire, encourage, and equip this young lady to become her best self. – Gina

I decided to volunteer with the BBBS community-based program after seeing the impact that the program has on underserved youth after being a mentor in the school-based program for two years. The program has shown me what it means to model positive character traits and infuse a sense of stability in the lives of children whose lives often lack it. The true privilege has been watching my little brother grow from a more shy child to a confident, well-mannered young boy. It humbled me when my case manager told me he had said I was one of his favorite people, and I know he is one of mine. I would advise anyone to become a mentor, because the growth is not just experienced by the Little, but the Big as well. – Jon

It has been a very fun time for me to be with my Little Sis. We were matched up perfectly. I enjoy being a Big Sis not only because I was fortunate growing up in a stable environment but I want to listen to her thoughts and concerns and also to encourage her to be the best she can be. I know most of these kids are not growing up under the best of circumstances, through no fault of their own, so to be there as a person she can talk to and receive encouragement from me means a lot. We learn from each other and I know this helps me understand her better and, in turn, she may learn a few things from me. This is a good program and I wish more people would volunteer to be a part of it. – Deb

It was very important for me to have a positive impact on a child’s life, and that is what BBBS program has provided. I am blessed with amazing family/friends that helped shape my self-confidence. I also know that I can ALWAYS count on them to be there for me. What an amazing gift!! It was important for me to pay if forward! I want my little sister to know that I believe in her, she is special and can always count on me. – Amy

Positive role models can make a huge difference in a child's life. Volunteering for Big Brother Big Sister gave me an opportunity to be that role model. It's really cool to see how a small investment of my time can make a real change in someone else's life. – Dom

I volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters to positively impact both a child's life and the entire Fargo, ND, community. Our community begins with our children and they deserve all of the support in the world. Big Brothers Big Sisters has been a supportive and loving family for my little and myself. This organization and its staff are extremely committed to their cause and that has stuck with me. A common goal I share with them is for my little sister to have a better and brighter future. – Jordan

I do what I do because it feels good. I have a younger brother that looks up to me and it is an incredible feeling. I love being able to answer questions for him and be there to support him and his decisions. I have an older sister that is there to answer questions for me and support me in my life. I believe that everybody should have an older sibling/friend to look up to. A "sister"/friend is just another person to show that they care about you and want to be with you. – Erica

I signed up to be a Big Sister about eight years ago. As a mother of boys, I’ve been able to enjoy things boys like to do, but missed sharing experiences with a girl. I’ve had three different Little Sisters over the years and each one has taught me so much. Volunteering with BBBS is very fulfilling. In the school-based program, no matter how crazy my work day gets, I know for an hour once a week, I slow down and enjoy the company of my Little Sister. It definitely changes the pace of my day and reminds me about what is really important – the relationships we have with those around us. – Kelly

The reason that I continue to be a "Big" is because my "Little" enriches my life beyond my wildest dreams. I know that I'd suffer a huge loss in my life without him! ... I visit with my "Little" on Fridays over my lunch break, and regardless of how good or how bad my work week has been, the moment he sees me down the hall and comes sprinting to me to jump into my arms, everything else matters so very little. All deadlines and work-related pressures melt away, and in that moment, I get one of those rare glimpses in life about what truly matters. ... Really, think about it? ... What other activity could you do in 45 to 60 minutes that has such a lasting impact on the life of a child, but has an even more dynamic impact on your own life? I can't think of anything. ... And that is why I am a "Big!" – Devlyn

I volunteer for BBBS to be a positive influence in a child's life. My Little knows she can rely on me to show up every week and can ask me for advice when she may not feel comfortable asking another adult. Playing with my Little also allows me to have fun during my day; so our relationship is mutually beneficial. – Erika

I am new to the program, but I've already found so much joy in spending time with my little. We are getting to know each other a little more each time we get together. Last week she asked me for a hug as we said our good-byes – that's why I do this! – Annaleah

I volunteer with BBBS because I was looking for a way to give back to the community, and be a positive role model for a child in our area! My Little and I were perfectly matched, we both love the same things and enjoy dancing and singing and finding ways to give back to the community! – Katie

I have always thought this was an amazing program that I would like to be involved in and it has been extremely rewarding. I decided to volunteer because I wanted to be a mentor that hopefully affects the Little and guides them on the right path for their future. I was paired with my little sister, and she has touched my life in so many ways and I am forever grateful to have this time with her. She has gone through so much the past two years. I truly hope that this program has been a positive effect in her life. My little sister is such a sweet girl and my wish is that her future holds nothing but happiness. I treasure every moment with my little sister and she has and always will hold a special place in my heart. – Angela H.

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