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Family Centered Engagement

Family Centered Engagement (FCE) is a service provided by The Village Family Service Center for Human Service Zones and Juvenile Court in partnership with the North Dakota Department of Human Services. FCE is designed to bring together family members and those with close relationships to the children who are removed, children at risk of removal, and children/youth involved in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

How it works

A referral is made to plan a Family Centered Engagement meeting within a timeframe of 1 to 12 calendar days after the report/removal. In the FCE program, a trained facilitator, who has had no prior involvement with the family, brings together the children (when appropriate), family members, county social service staff, and other community support people to make an immediate placement decision and/or safety plan for children. The main goal of the FCE process is to make a collaborative decision on the safety/placement of children. 

Eligible children

There are three populations of children eligible for a FCE meeting:

  1. Children at risk of removal
  2. Children who experienced an emergency removal
  3. Dual status youth who are not in care, are at risk of removal and are currently involved in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems

Cases that are criminal in nature (e.g., sexual abuse or serious physical abuse by a caregiver) are not eligible to receive a FCE meeting. 

Who can refer my family for a FCE meeting?

Typically, a county social service worker (usually from Child Protective Services) or a juvenile court worker will refer a family to FCE. Non-professionals (i.e., family members and friends) cannot refer families to FCE.

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