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Formal Referrals

Business woman sitting and listening As a supervisor or manager, you will have to deal with performance issues at one time or another. Employees do not always perform as well as you expect them to. There may be conflicts between co-workers, employees may come to work late or leave early, they may have personal problems that affect work performance, or there may be signs of substance abuse.

Formal referrals are a valuable resource for supervisors in addressing employee behaviors in the workplace, particularly when performance is deteriorating or if there is a drug-free workplace violation or if the worker has violated Department of Transportation rules and regulations. A formal referral is a good way to connect employees with professionals trained and experienced in assessing and treating personal, professional or substance abuse problems. Employees are given a chance to face the problem, take ownership of the situation, and learn tools and techniques to help deal with and overcome the specific challenge. By making a formal referral to The Village Business Institute's EAP, a supervisor can take advantage of external expertise in dealing with the performance problems.

The supervisor is kept informed about the employee's attendance, compliance with recommendations, possible referrals to supplemental resources or treatment programs, or other significant changes or developments. This allows for the coordination of internal and external resources in addressing performance or drug-free workplace issues, and for finding new avenues to improve employee performance, attitude, and behavior.

Formal referral services are included in most Village EAP contracts. For more information, call 800-627-8220 or email us.

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