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The Impact of EAP

When workplaces offer an Employee Assistance Program to their employees, both the organization and the individual benefits:

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26% reported general improvement in health after employee use of an Employee Assistance Program.1

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11% productivity improvement after employee use of The Village Business Institute EAP.2

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27% improved work presenteeism after accessing EAP services.3

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22% improvement in life satisfaction after accessing EAP services.3

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46% decreased absenteeism after accessing EAP services.3

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98% of employees who accessed Village EAP services reported that the EAP was a valuable benefit.4

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1Towers Watson 2012
2Based on annual average output per worker (all industries), an employee whose output pre-EAP counseling was $63,061.15 improved to $70,124.82 post-EAP counseling.
3WOS Report 2016
4Internal Survey Results-6