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The VBI Difference

Workers waiting on customersWhat makes our Employee Assistance Program great?

  • Choices and options. VBI provides multiple EAP contract options so you can choose the level of service you need.
  • No barriers to service. VBI’s Employee Assistance Programs are value driven to get services to your employees quickly.
  • Face-to-face personal counseling. VBI provides face-to-face counseling to your employees – in person or via the web – because it is very effective in assessing and addressing problems.
  • Unlimited toll-free access to Supervisor/Human Resource Helpline. Your supervisors can deal with employee issues quickly and efficiently before they escalate.
  • Financial counseling. Financial issues are often at the root of employees’ problems. VBI’s Employee Assistance Programs include financial counseling as a core employee benefit.
  • We have our own people. VBI’s Employee Assistance Program has its own dedicated staff of professionals who provide the highest quality of counseling, training, consulting, crisis management, and case management services. Because of the flexibility of our professional staff, VBI delivers a level of quality that is difficult to match.
  • Monthly or quarterly employee newsletters. In addition to valuable information, VBI newsletters are another way we encourage employees of member companies to seek counseling when issues arise.
  • Comprehensive chemical dependency services.
  • Round-the-clock crisis counseling. Learn more about our Crisis Management Services here.
  • Formal referral case management. Learn more about Formal Referrals here.
  • Training & Development. See the variety of training options here.

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