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Wraparound Program

Young girl smiles and holds a teddy bearWraparound is a process used to develop plans for children and families with complex needs. Wraparound meetings are collaborative processes that bring together children, family members, friends, service providers and community members. The purpose is to prevent, identify and make a plan to address needs and concerns of the family, while building on their strengths.

Wraparound meetings are organized and mediated by a neutral facilitator and typically last anywhere from 1 to 1½ hours. Wraparound meetings are typically ongoing, meeting as often as the team thinks appropriate.

This model is based on principles of respect. They work with families to build on family strengths, collaborate with community resources and incorporate shared decision making.

The unifying value behind this process is simple: people are happier, more productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them.

Wraparound is supported financially by the Clay County Collaborative.

What happens during the meetings?

A plan is developed by the family team – which includes family members, service providers, and others. At the meetings, the family team focuses on building on the strengths of the family, prioritizing, setting and meeting goals according to family values, and discussing areas of life most important to the family. Needs are reflected in the plan to make life better for the children and the family.

Who can benefit from Wraparound?

  • Children, youth and families. This process can help children, youth and families make decisions and plan for their future, especially those experiencing difficulty at home, in school or in the community.
  • Service providers. Service providers can use this family support service to expand the circle of support for families in our communities.
  • Communities. Wraparound offers support to individuals and families…which will in turn result in healthier neighborhoods and communities.

How do I make a referral?

Referrals to Wraparound can be made by anyone (including pastors, teachers, county workers and the families themselves) in Clay County. You can start by filling out a referral form. If you have questions about Wraparound, call The Village Family Service Center at 701-451-4811.