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Is Your Child at Risk?

Many things place children at risk today – at risk of involvement with the legal system, drug and alcohol abuse, dropping out of school, being targeted by an online predator, etc. The following questions will help you determine if your child is at risk. Risk spelled out in colorful blocks

  • Have there been changes in your child's friendships that cause alarm?
  • Do they refuse to allow you to meet their friends, or their new associates, who are known to use alcohol, drugs or are in trouble?   
  • Has your child lost interest in former activities, sports or hobbies?
  • Does your child struggle with basic family rules and expectations?
  • Are your child's grades falling? 
  • Does your child seem depressed or withdrawn?
  • Are there instances of verbal attack and rage, resulting in you having to be very careful in how you approach your child?
  • Does your child threaten to run away from home or to live with others? 
  • Does your child engage in self-injurious behavior or self-destructive behavior?
  • Does your child spend an excessive amount of time online?
  • Does your child spend an excessive amount of time playing violent video games? 
  • Does your child share strange thoughts and feelings or unusual behaviors?
  • Does your child exhibit deceitfulness and manipulation? 
  • Is your child severely lacking in motivation?
  • Has your child been caught or suspected of stealing money or personal items from others?
  • Do you suspect that your child is experimenting with alcohol and other drugs?
  • Is your teen sexually promiscuous?

If you are concerned about your child, contact The Village Family Service Center.