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Tips to Help Avoid and Navigate Conflict During the Holidays
Holidays are synonymous with family gatherings. Whether that excites you or causes a knot to form in your stomach, there are always family members you might not want to deal with. Help alleviate some of your holiday stress with these tips on dealing with difficult situations during family holidays [...]
Help Loved Ones Prioritize Their Wellbeing This Holiday Season
It's the holiday season! During this time of year, one form of celebration is giving to others. For some, this is their time to shine (shoutout to those who have gifts as their top love language 😉), and for others, it can cause more stress than necessary. This season, make your giving easier by [...]
Tips to Control Compulsive Spending
You grab a candy bar at the cash register, or unexpectedly swing into the coffee shop drive-thru. You were just going to browse at the mall until you saw that pair of shoes. You didn't really need that new tech gadget, but it was such a good deal. Everyone has made an impulse purchase. Stores and [...]
Learn About Financial Struggles Impacting Mental Health Issues and Tips for Self-Care
Mental health and money can have a big impact on each other. Anxiety surrounding money is hard on a person's mental health, and having mental health hardships can be tough on your wallet, as well. According to, nearly half (46%) of people with problematic debt live with a [...]
When Halloween Is Too Scary For Kids
Among the goblins, ghouls, and other ghastly beings that emerge during the month of October is something else truly haunting: a child who’s been traumatized by something they've seen during Halloween. Children may react negatively to costumes, decorations, or movies that are unfamiliar or too scary [...]
Exercises & Tools For Managing Feelings
Little bodies can be stressed with big emotions. Frustration, anger, and anxiety can bubble up quickly and be hard to rein in without the right tools. Learning how to regulate these feelings can be fun! Lots of regulation strategies for kids can actually look just like play. Children can experience [...]
Understanding what a mental health day is, what it’s not, and when it’s a good idea to take one.
Do you need a mental health day? Sometimes the stresses of life spill over into our work, or workplace pressure can begin to affect our mental well-being. During times like these, a mental health day can be a useful tool to care for ourselves. Village Therapist Signe Miller shares information about [...]
Let's Talk About the Fictions and Facts of Adoption
Whether it’s in the plot line on a television series or the talking points of a political pundit, portrayals of adoption can often miss the mark. This can lead to misperceptions among people who’ve never experienced adoption, as a birth family, adoptive family, or adoptee, or who don't realize how [...]
Tips for Bettering Yourself and Caring for Your Mind as the Weather Warms Up
After a long, harsh winter, we warmly welcome the summer months! This season provides us several opportunities to practice good mental health. Here are some tips to improve your mental health and make the most of the summer: Get outdoors Exposure to the sun is the most natural form of vitamin D. If [...]