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Learn What Identity Theft Is, How It Happens, and How To Protect Against It
What is Identity Theft? Identity theft happens when someone obtains your personal data without your permission and uses it to buy things, use your insurance, or open accounts in your name. Identity theft is a crime, and it can happen to anyone. How Does Identity Theft Happen? There are lots of [...]
What Is EMDR Therapy and How Can It Be Used?
EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. It is a type of therapy used to treat a variety of mental health issues. EMDR involves reprocessing memories that have essentially become stuck in the brain. Sessions involve stimulating the hemispheres of the brain through visual, auditory [...]
Mental Health Help from The Village Helped Client with Post-Partum Anxiety
With an induction, long labor and post-delivery complications, the birth of Jessica’s first baby was nothing like she imagined. “It was honestly a traumatic experience for me,” Jessica* says. To make matters worse, Jessica developed postpartum anxiety, which made it difficult for her to enjoy life [...]
Understanding the Benefits of Open Adoptions
Adoption is complex, emotional, sometimes difficult, and can lead to the most amazing gift of your life. During the adoption process there are so many questions and uncertainties, including the decision of an open or closed adoption. At The Village Family Service Center, we are advocates of openness [...]
7 Tips for Practicing Self-Care
There are always a handful of roles that each of us are juggling. If you are a parent, a student, an employee, a caretaker, someone struggling with a mental health concern, or are just feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of day-to-day life, the idea of taking time for yourself may seem [...]
Brainspotting Uses The Visual Field To Access Deep Emotions & Memories
The body has an amazing ability to heal itself from trauma. This fairly new type of therapy uses a client's visual field to uncover unprocessed trauma, negative emotions, and pain. Identifying and utilizing “brainspots” can allow us to access deeper emotions and traumatic memories that we maybe didn [...]
Options, Resources, & Support for Teenagers Facing an Unintended Pregnancy
1 in 4 American teenagers will experience a teen pregnancy.1 Finding out you are pregnant or becoming a teenage father can be extremely overwhelming. You may feel confused, scared, happy or excited. All of these emotions are normal and may change many times before birth. You may have difficulty [...]
Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder and Seasonal Depression
The change in seasons can do more than alter the weather, it can also affect our mood. Starting in the fall and into the winter season, the days are shorter and usually less sunny. For some individuals, the change in season can be accompanied by a change in mood, known as seasonal depression or [...]
Recommended Books for Kids and Adults to Help Paint an Important Picture
Adoption can be complicated, beautiful, challenging, rewarding, consuming, humbling, and above all, life-changing. Adoption can help fulfill a family’s dream of raising a child and another family’s dream of giving their child more. Adoption can cause uncertainty and can be painful for all as the [...]