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Increasing your emotional intelligence can help you balance your life and stress levels
By Nancy Boyle | EAP Trainer | The Village Business Institute Job pressure. Money. Relationships. Politics. These are some of the top causes of stress, something we all experience and can affect our mental health. We can't change all the cirumstances that cause our stress, however we can become more...
Recovery Month is celebrated in September
During Recovery Month, observed nationally every September, we remember the lives lost to the disease of addiction and celebrate with those who found the treatment they needed to get well. Here is one of those stories, as told by an alumnus of First Step Recovery of The Village: It was...
Seek out feedback from people you trust
By Jara Enger | Account Executive | The Village Business Institute At a recent “check-in” meeting with a few of my coworkers, where each week we share how we’re doing and what our plans are, the topic turned to upcoming agenda items. We were brainstorming and the creative juices were...
John is an alum of First Step Recovery
September is Recovery Month, a time to celebrate recovery and raise awareness that addiction is a treatable disease. John's story demonstrates that recovery is possible! John was struggling mightily. He had started drinking every day. He was at risk of losing his family, his business, his sense of self. His...
Physical wellness is one of the 8 dimensions of wellness
Personal wellbeing isn’t just how physically fit you are, or how you feel right now. Achieving wellness involves making choices that positively affect you in many different areas of life, as physical and mental health interact with each other. Working toward wellness can help you to engage in positive interactions,...