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Consulting Services

"In working with my leadership coach on leadership styles and opportunities, he provided solid advice, thoughtful and intellectually challenging resources, as well as professional guidance. He constantly looked for ways to uncover my strengths and growth areas."

Business woman listening to people talkThe Village Business Institute is here to help your business and your people grow stronger, face challenges, and tackle the future through its consultation services. Our experienced workplace consultants can guide your business through a range of issues.

Call 800-627-8220 or email us to find out how your organization could benefit from VBI's Consulting Services. Click here to see our Training and Consulting Services guide.

Organization Development Consulting

The Village Business Institute’s Organization Development consultants bring a fresh, unbiased perspective to your projects and areas of concern that help your organization make fact-based decisions through the expert application of a wide variety of services and tools.

Organizational Assessments

VBI’s consultants assess organizational strengths and opportunities through interviews, surveys, assessments, focus groups, situational analysis and the review of policies and procedures. Following an assessment, a comprehensive report is provided that includes observations, findings and actionable recommendations. In addition, we offer services that will help you:
  • Develop strategies for capitalizing on organizational strengths
  • Empower leaders and individuals in your organization
  • Institute change more quickly and effectively
  • Enhance the decision-making process
  • Use conflict to your advantage
  • Improve communication across all levels of the organization
  • Develop reward systems that reinforce your organizational values and goals
  • Promote risk-taking, innovation and creativity
  • Develop processes that enhance rather than impede employee productivity
  • Determine and prioritize customer needs

Employee Engagement Surveys

VBI’s consultants are ready to assist in surveying your employees through the design and implementation of employee engagement surveys by either electronic or hard copy means as best fits your organization. Our surveys are designed to be objective and anonymous so that participants can feel free and comfortable in sharing their own unique perspectives on their experience with your organization, allowing you to make better enterprise-wide decisions.

Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning and implementation requires a continuing commitment by everyone in the organization. To be effective, strategic planning must be a process of constant vigilance and assessment of customer and stakeholder needs congruent with the organization’s mission and culture. It must be a “living document,” not a one-time “fix” that ends up gathering dust on the shelf. VBI’s Organization Development consultants will assist your organization in developing an effective, practical, results-oriented strategic plan. Through an interactive process based on tried and true strategic planning principles, your strategic plan will incorporate both short- and long-term goals with specific measures and action item details for attaining each goal.

Leadership Transition Facilitation

It generally takes a leader six months or more to become fully effective in their new position, even when moving up from within the organization. Systems, processes, programs, resources and other personnel are all affected during times of transition, and they often experience loss or lack of effectiveness, resulting in a loss of productivity at the very least. The Leadership Transition Process is a facilitated process designed and proven to be effective in improving a department’s or organization’s leadership transition experience. That means there is less turmoil, less chaos, and higher levels of productivity, all of which go straight to “the bottom line.”

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The Village Business Institute’s Qualified Neutral mediators help resolve conflicts that negatively affect employee productivity, saving your organization time, expense and possible litigation fees. Services are available for conflicts involving individuals and small groups. (Mediators are registered under ADR Rule 114 with the state of Minnesota Court System.) Typical mediation disputes involve work unit conflicts, supervisor/employee relationship conflicts and disputes between coworkers. Read more about The Village's Mediation Services.

Career and Leadership Development Services

“Everything rises and falls on leadership” (John C. Maxwell), and developing leadership skills is a priority for every organization seeking to leverage the skills, talents and abilities of supervisors, managers and leaders throughout the organization. VBI’s professional Organization Development consultants will challenge and prepare you and your organization’s leaders for greater levels of success as leaders by taking an individualized approach with each coaching client to maximize their personal leadership effectiveness.

Coaching is the process of bringing the best out in yourself or your employees. The Village Business Institute provides high quality coaching services through a professional staff dedicated to assisting working people in leading healthy, productive lives.

Individual Leadership Skills and Personality Assessments

VBI consultants are certified practitioners in the use of a variety of proven personality and skill development assessments. These are designed to encourage personal development and lay the groundwork for more successful team interaction. The assessment tools are commonly used by VBI consultants during individual coaching situations. Some are equally applicable in group and team environments, as well.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are a CEO, a C-suite level executive or department director, executive coaching will help you build a more effective and profitable organization. The Village Business Institute will complete a comprehensive assessment of your leadership strengths and challenges, help you remove obstacles to reaching your full potential, and expand your insight on making the most of power and personality dynamics. We will also find creative and effective ways to help you deal with the people-related issues that can arise in a growing organization.

Management Coaching

Management coaching increases a manager’s insight into how they impact employee trust, empowerment, and their willingness to collaborate. The Village Business Institute works with managers to build the people and organizational skills they need to be most effective – freeing them to spend time on improving their own performance and the performance of their team.

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Career Coaching and Transition Services

Many companies, faced with the need to eliminate positions due to organizational restructuring or cost-savings measures, have found it very beneficial to provide career transition services. Career transition services (often called "outplacement services") can help improve the morale of employees left behind, maintain good public relations, and manage your legal and financial liabilities. Not to mention, it's the right thing to do.

Career Coaching

Individualized career coaching will help you match your personality and interests with the job to benefit both you and your organization. The organization benefits from retaining good employees and their expertise, and you have the chance to structure your job and responsibilities in a way that fits your strengths and interests.

Individual Career Transition

The Village Business Institute customizes outplacement services for your senior professionals, managers and executives. Services include:

  • In-depth assessment using the 16PF Career Development Report
  • Identification of target job markets and market needs
  • Job search campaign management assistance 
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Networking training and resources
  • Customized research
  • Interviewing and negotiation training

Group Career Transition

Group workshops may be appropriate for some outgoing employees. The Village Business Institute offers one- or two-day workshops that include:

  • Fundamentals of career search, self-assessment, job market dynamics and networking
  • Resume design and review
  • Interviewing and negotiating practice

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Human Resources Consulting

The Village Business Institute can assist your Human Resources department or personnel with human resources investigations, policy and handbook development, hiring and onboarding.

Internal Investigations

Investigations provide for the on-site interviewing of employees regarding complaints such as harassment or discrimination. Common types of workplace investigations include:

  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • Bullying
  • Misconduct
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Sources of safety concerns

Employee Handbook and Human Resources Policy Development

  • Develop employee handbooks, human resources manuals, and individual policies that promote regulatory compliance while reflecting your management and organizational values.
  • Assist you in effectively communicating programs to your employees.

Onboarding Consulting Services

  • Assist in the development of interview questions and guide you through the interview process.
  • Develop job descriptions which will assist you in performance management.
  • Perform job analysis of the position and conduct a survey of compensation of similar positions in similarly situated organizations and functional areas.
  • Review job descriptions of similar positions within the organization to promote internal equity and incorporate the position into the existing compensation hierarchy.

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