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Employee Development and Training

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Helping employees grow and develop will enhance motivation, support retention and augment other efforts to develop healthy, strong organizations. For more information, read our Training and Consulting Services guide.

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Developing the Leader in You

Regardless of their role in the organization, anyone can lead. What style do you use? What characteristics are vital for effective leadership?

  • Explore key characteristics of successful leaders
  • Discuss principles of value-driven leadership
  • Custom options: Can be developed to benefit supervisors or all employees

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Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

Knowing where to establish healthy boundaries is key for today’s highly connected world:

  • Discuss healthy and unhealthy boundaries
  • Explore how to set boundary limits at work
  • Consider methods of feedback for times when boundaries are crossed

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Disabling Negative Attitudes

Chronic complainers or those with negative attitudes can drain the energy of your team and workplace:

  • Discuss methods of overcoming the negative and replacing with positive 
  • Explore how to model and encourage positivity
  • Consider avenues to confront the negative “energy vampires”

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Understanding your Communication Style

Different communication styles can be positive, but can also increase opportunities for misunderstanding:

  • Discover participants’ preferred communication style
  • Discuss techniques to enhance communication clarity

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Exceptional Customer Service

Superb service keeps your customers happy and returning, so how does it work in your organization?

  • Review the standards of excellent customer service models
  • Examine how to overcome common barriers to excellence
  • Consider how to build processes that ensure quality customer care every time
  • Custom options: How to serve difficult customers including how to defuse tension and avoid mistakes, and how to maintain self-confidence and control in difficult situations

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Emotional Intelligence

The emotional and social skill set of an individual can shape relationships, ability to cope and daily life:

  • Assess personal ability to understand individual emotions and organizational climate
  • Consider how to recognize and constructively address problems that have their source in emotional intelligence

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Unconscious Bias

Discover the reality of how we make automatic choices, and the impact of these biases on our organizations:

  • Explore the definition of unconscious bias and its impact on daily choices
  • Consider ways to increase personal and organizational awareness of unconscious bias
  • Embrace tools that can help individuals and teams combat unconscious biases

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