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Personal Wellness and Self-Care

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Supporting healthy lifestyles and encouraging employees to be more proactive in caring for themselves often means a more productive and healthy workplace. For more information, read our Training and Consulting Services Guide.

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Stress Management

With individuals feeling overworked, over-extended, overwhelmed and overloaded, it may be time to pause:

  • Explore common causes of stress
  • Discuss strategies for reducing stress in our lives
  • Custom option: Consider the anxiety associated with holidays and discover ways to manage holiday stress

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Handling Personal Change

How individuals deal with change can differ significantly:

  • Review different styles of handling change
  • Explore the transitions involved in change
  • Discover ways to approach change in a positive manner

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Time Mastery

When your “to-do” list is longer than your time frame, how do you deal with the challenges?

  • Address some common time management myths
  • Explore strategies to help master your schedule

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Work-Life Balance

Too much of a good thing may still be too much. How do you keep life and work in a healthy relationship that works for you?

  • Discover your priorities for daily living
  • Discuss ways to find the balance that works for you

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Money Management

When there’s more month left at the end of the money, it can be stressful:

  • Review financial situation and explore common pitfalls
  • Explore your financial values
  • Identify ways to take control of finances

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Specialty Money Management Topics

Money management impacts all aspects of our lives. Topics can be tailored for your needs, but could include these important categories:

  • Explore credit cards and how they work; credit reports and how to build credit
  • Review money and your values and goals; money sense; being financially fit
  • Discuss pre-marriage money conversations; financial communication for couples
  • Deal with life events such as kids, college students, divorce, buying a vehicle or a home, holiday spending
  • Organize financial records; basics of tax planning; cash management; planning for college or retirement; living on reduced income
  • Get a grip on identity theft; gambling issues; the true cost of payday loans

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Compassion Fatigue or Burnout

Care partners are helping others cope with life, yet often share the emotional toll:

  • Develop an understanding of the emotional burden of working with people experiencing traumatic events
  • Discuss ways to minimize the effects of providing care and to avoid burnout

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Living every moment, aware and present, is an important component to enjoying life:

  • Explore how to pay focused attention on purpose to the experience of the present moment
  • Discuss how to incorporate self-compassion into your workplace

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