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Supervisor Training and Development

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Well-trained supervisors are essential to any organization’s success. Helping keep the team focused on the mission and vision, interacting with integrity, and living out core values of leadership are all part of an accomplished supervisor’s toolkit. All the sessions below are designed for supervisors or managers. For more information, read our Training and Consulting Services guide.

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Supervisor Basics

Whether a refresher course or new skill-builder, the topics are timely and helpful for any supervisor:

  • How to hire and build a trusted team
  • Delegating with accountability
  • Methods of managing performance

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Leading Effective Teams

Building and leading effective teams takes leadership that is committed to helping the team succeed:

  • Discuss keys to effective teamwork
  • Methods for leading an effective team
  • Explore how to lead with heart and values

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Creating a Culture of Accountability

Do you have an appreciation of the link between results and the level of accountability of your team?

  • Create a culture of accountability

  • Define expectations and eliminate barriers

  • Explore ways to implement successful accountability habits

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Navigating Change in Teams/Organizations

As organizations respond to market and regulatory forces, people are caught in the transition, uncertain and stressed: 

  • Discover how to help your employees adapt and adjust

  • Explore methods for planning changes

  • Determine a positive path for handling change

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Motivate and Engage Employees

What is the correlation between supervisors and motivated, engaged employees?

  • Review the most powerful factor in employee motivation

  • Disuss the techniques that can be used to create an engaging environment

  • Understand the ways supervisors can support employee motivation

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Constructive Employee Performance Reviews

One of the most challenging roles of any supervisor is conducting effective employee performance reviews:

  • Consider value of effective feedback as essential for employee growth and development

  • Examine best practices of communicating professional feedback

  • Review key attributes of setting goals and getting buy-in

  • Custom options: For ongoing management or specific performance issue reviews

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Hiring the Right People

The process of adding new staff to your team can be challenging:

  • Examine methods of preparing for an effective interview

  • Discuss question types and models for conducting the interview

  • Consider methods of evaluating candidates for best organizational fit

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Succession Planning

Your successful business is now ready to be turned over to new owners or managers. How is that transition handled?

  • Consider how to ensure core values and mission are not lost in the transition

  • Discuss methods of successful transition to a new team

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Supervisor’s Guide to the EAP

A valuable tool in a supervisor’s toolkit, the Employee Assistance Program provides support for you and your team:

  • Learn what resources are available through the EAP

  • Discover ways the EAP can assist with concerns

  • Explore how the EAP can serve when addressing employee performance concerns

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