Find your Summer Balance with Purposeful Boundaries (WEBINAR)

The Business Bite: Find Your Summer Balance with Purposeful Boundaries
Event Date:
Noon Central
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Online via Zoom

Summer months are often filled with beautiful weather, vacations, and family games/activities, all of which lead to a higher than average amount of distraction. During this FREE online training session with Village Business Institute Trainer Tanya Fraizer, we will explore ways that employees and employers can create boundaries that will allow for you to enjoy all the fun that comes with the summer while also not increasing the feeling of guilt of this imbalance or sacrificing productivity.

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In this training, we will:

  • Discuss the higher-than-average need for setting clear boundaries during summer months
  • Identify common pitfalls for weak boundaries within these months
  • Highlight strategies for how to establish both personal and team boundaries that create scaffolding for success

This free session will start at noon Central Wednesday, July 13, and will include time for questions and answers. This webinar is part of The Business Bite, a series of lunchtime talks on topics that matter. The session is free and spaces are limited. Register via Eventbrite >