Mindful Leadership Through Transition (WEBINAR)

The Business Bite: Mindful Leadership through Transition
Event Date:
Noon Central
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Online via Zoom

In this time of significantly increased turnover, office moves, and organizational restructuring, leaders are called not only to navigate their own feelings about these changes but also to lead with optimism and confidence for their teams. Join us for this FREE online training facilitated by Village Business Institute Trainer Susan Williams, which will look at how change affects leaders and how you can bring your leadership skills to a new level.

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In this training, we will:

  • Examine the increased variety of transitions currently being experienced in the workplace
  • Identify the role that mindfulness plays in not only wellness and self-care, but more effective leadership
  • Strategize techniques that can be utilized to not only navigate change but to lead mindfully thru such experiences

This free session will start at noon Central Wednesday, Aug. 10, and will include time for questions and answers. This webinar is part of The Business Bite, a series of lunchtime talks on topics that matter. The session is free and spaces are limited. Register via Eventbrite >