Meet: Tyrza Hoines

Intensive Outpatient Program Counselor
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Hi! My name is Tyrza, and I am the lead clinician for the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at The Village. IOP offers a unique, sacred space for clients to address concerns, practice skills, and receive support from other clients who may relate to or even experience similar challenges when navigating mental health. Each day in IOP is typically separated into three areas of group: process, education, and skills.

In the process group, clients will engage in a form of talk therapy to discuss their current experience with mental health. They also receive feedback and support not only from a counselor but also from other clients. This is an opportunity for those who may feel isolated or alone in their problems to experience a glimmer of hope and connection to others who also struggle.

In the education group, topics regarding aspects of mental health and subjects that may impact or worsen it are covered. A few examples include values, core beliefs, and survival responses. These can provide insight and validation into a client’s true experience, along with offering answers to uncertainties about what might be affecting their mental health.

Finally, the skills group introduces a variety of methods for combating unhelpful or harmful patterns of engaging with the world that may reduce or alleviate painful symptoms. Coping strategies to assist with prevention and promoting a satisfying life are also addressed, including healthy boundary setting, assertive communication, and appropriate emotional expression. You will also meet with an individual IOP counselor while in the program, who will support you in your personal and treatment goals. We believe that each individual is worthy and deserving of receiving support. We are ready when you are.

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