Mental Health

Accepting Reality When You Know You Can't Change It

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Sometimes in life we end up in situations we can’t change. Radical acceptance is all about fully accepting reality in situations that are beyond your control. This doesn’t mean you approve of the situation, are giving up, or that it isn’t painful. You are still allowed to (and should!) feel however you feel, but by accepting that it is what it is, you give the problem less power over you and you can begin to move forward. Practicing radical acceptance has been shown to reduce feelings of shame, guilt, and anxiety, and it can reduce distress in dealing with negative thoughts or events. Mental [...]

How to Create a Healthy Routine

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Go to work. Drive carpool. Make dinner. Wash the dishes. Do the laundry. Help with homework. Put the kids to bed. Buy the groceries. Pay the bills. Our to-do lists seem never-ending, and many of us are exhausted even before we’ve added in important self-care habits like exercise, journaling, or relaxation. It’s even harder if you’re struggling with mental health issues. That’s why a healthy routine is so important. “By creating routines, we organize our days in such a way that taking care of tasks and ourselves becomes a pattern that makes it easier to get things done without having to think [...]

Advice that Clients Say Changed Their Lives

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Sometimes in life, we hear just the right piece of advice at just the right moment. In honor of Mental Health Month, celebrated every May, therapists, counselors, and mental health practitioners from The Village Family Service Center shared their favorite mental health tips, mantras, and bits of wisdom that clients have said helped them to change their thinking and move forward. Hopefully these ideas can help you find a different way to think about a situation or to cope better during a difficult time. Remember, with The Village, you don't have to go it alone. Mental Health Tips & Tricks Be [...]

Inspiration to Help You Make Today Matter

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Many of us make New Year’s resolutions year after year. Why do we wait for a New Year to make positive changes? And how many of us succeed? A recent poll found 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, 46% of resolutions are kept for at least six months, and 5% keep their resolution the entire year. You can make today matter by implementing some self-improvement no matter what time of year it is! Procrastination is alive and well each year; it does not wait another year to come creeping back. So where do we start? We start TODAY. Choose one thing today that you want to improve upon. Today [...]

Mental Health Tools to Help You Thrive

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It’s important to have the right tools for the job. You can build your own kit of mental health tools to help you thrive in difficult times and not-so-difficult times, too. In honor of May being Mental Health Month, Mental Health America is sharing a toolkit to increase resiliency, improve our mental health in times of uncertainty, and support our friends and family who may be struggling. While 1 in 5 people will experience mental illness at some point during their life, everyone faces challenges that can affect their mental wellbeing. “It’s important to recognize your emotions and own your [...]

Addressing Conflict through Communication

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While we are in many ways still bound to our primal instincts, we’ve evolved as human beings. In times of conflict, we can communicate our complex thoughts and emotions. I believe we owe it to our ancestors to address conflict by communicating. How to Address Conflict It starts with defining the problem. A common mistake is to identify a person as the conflict rather seeing the choices, behaviors, circumstances, or the interactions as the cause of conflict. It’s easy to blame others. Blame distracts from our behaviors and removes our responsibility to make changes. However, habitual deflection [...]

How Mental Health and Money Are Related

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Mental health and money can have a big impact on each other. Anxiety surrounding money is hard on a person's mental health, and having mental health hardships can be tough on your wallet, as well. According to, nearly half (46%) of people with problematic debt live with a mental health concern. Money issues and poor mental health can go hand in hand. Mental health struggles mean that managing money can be hard, and worrying about the state of your finances can make your mental health worse. Mental Health and Money How do mental health struggles impact your finances [...]

How a Podcast, Counseling, and TikTok Helped Casey Cope

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Casey Leigh might never have made an appointment to see a counselor if she hadn’t heard two women talking about their mental health journeys on a true crime podcast. The 27-year-old Fargo woman had convinced herself she didn’t need therapy, that other people needed counseling more than she did. Hearing the podcast hosts be so open about their mental health inspired Casey to contact The Village Family Service Center to address the anxiety and depression she’s struggled with since the age of 12. “I have childhood trauma that stems from neglectful parents,” she says. “I’m very negative toward [...]

Stress and Mental Health in the Workplace

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The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. That is equivalent to 11,250 8-hour workdays. It’s safe to say that your job and workplace can have a considerable impact on your mental health and quality of life. If employees are experiencing a lot of stress at work, they're bound to be unhappy. In a 2021 Work Health Survey conducted by Mental Health America (MHA), they set out to provide an opportunity to better understand four different mental health challenges that employees face in the workplace. Mental Health Challenges Employees Face 1. Financial Insecurity With [...]

Tips for Adapting after Trauma and Stress

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We all face trauma, adversity, and other stresses throughout our lives. When people think of trauma, they often think of things like abuse, terrorism, or catastrophic events (big ‘T’ trauma). Trauma can also be caused by events that may be less obvious but can still overwhelm your capacity to cope, like frequent arguing at home or losing your job (little ‘t’ trauma). Trauma of any kind can be hard on your mental health but working on becoming more resilient can help you feel more at ease. Mental Health America offers these tips for healing as part of its Tools 2 Thrive initiative: Process your [...]