Navigating Rough Waters

How Addiction Treatment Can Help
Rough waters

For some, the struggle of staying sober is like wading through tough waters. First Step Recovery is here to be the life raft that gets you through addiction treatment and the recovery process. Here is a beautiful testimonial from a First Step client: 

My treatment for recovery has shown me a path forward through troubled water.


Grief and daily struggles in life can be like wading upstream along a long and winding river.


The water’s flow may be just a trickle at times, barely covering my feet.


At other times, the water may become deeper with a stronger current.


The effort of moving upstream becomes more difficult, and the water may rise to my chest or neck. 


If the river widens and becomes deeper, I may lose touch with the riverbed, struggling to keep my head above water.


That’s when treatment saved me before drowning and being swept away. 


The river of life will always be there, as I continue my personal journey.


Sobriety keeps me closer to the shore during times of high water until the flooding passes, as I continue to forge my path and navigate upstream. 



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