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1 in 6 Children Experience Mental Health Issues Each Year
Did you know that 1 in 6 youth from ages 6 to 17 experience mental health issues each year? Children often cannot voice their emotions like adults can, and that is why it is important that adults look out for warning signs of mental illness in kids. Early recognition of childhood mental health [...]
The Adoption Story of a Little Girl Who Made a Huge Impact
Paislee Rae Day memorializes a beautiful baby girl, and thanks agencies for adoption services. Precious Paislee Rae spent just 11 days on Earth, but in that short amount of time, the tiny girl made a major impact. She reminded her adoptive parents, Cal and Ashley Berry, that you don’t need to give [...]
Boundaries Benefit Both Partners In a Relationship By Adding Respect, Compassion, & Kindness
Love with limits. These “limits” are the healthy boundaries we all must set in relationships with those close to us. You can love a friend, with limits. You can love a child, with limits. You can love your partner, with limits. Limits protect us and the people around us, and they help others better [...]
The Story of a First Step Client Getting Her Life Back
Sept. 22, 2015, marked the beginning of Holly Heiser's recovery journey. "I can't believe my life has gone the direction it has. I have been given a huge gift, I got my life back!" she says. In 2018, Holly shared her story in an article for It's Her Brand magazine. An updated version of that story [...]
Getting a New Perspective Will Change Your Financial Life
There’s a classic optical illusion that features a drawing of an elderly woman or a young woman, depending on how you look at it. It’s purposefully ambiguous. The nose of the elder woman could be seen as the chin and jawline of the younger. The ear of the younger could be seen as the eye of the [...]
What the Grieving Process May Look Like After a Miscarriage
Pregnancy loss is devastating no matter the circumstances. The future you were envisioning is suddenly gone. You may find it’s difficult to cope with your feelings or to relate to others. You deserve time and space to mourn the loss of your pregnancy after a miscarriage or preterm birth while moving [...]
He's the Adorable Dog Who Helps Out in Therapy Sessions
Cuddling isn’t usually part of a counseling session, except when Dr. Spencer Reid is in the room. Dr. Spencer Reid is a four-legged mental health professional. The golden retriever assists Village Therapist and Clinical Supervisor Shauna Erickson-Abou Zahr with her Moorhead, Minnesota-area clients [...]
How In-Home Family Therapy Helped a Family Cope After a Series of Difficult Events
Eleven-year-old Colton stood next to his estranged father’s gravesite with his mom and younger brother, and read aloud the letter he’d written to him at the suggestion of his Village family therapy counselor. Colton, his brother, Drake, and mom, Shannon* received in-home family therapy from The [...]
Change Starts with Us: Define the Problem and Be Accountable
While we are in many ways still bound to our primal instincts, we’ve evolved as human beings. In times of conflict, we can communicate our complex thoughts and emotions. I believe we owe it to our ancestors to address conflict by communicating. How to Address Conflict It starts with defining the [...]