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5 Steps to Prevent the August Blues
Coping with the August Blues
By Darren Carter Village EAP Counselor August is here, and if you’re feeling in a funk, you are not alone. There is evidence to suggest that individuals are prone to “August Blues.” There are several reasons why people can feel down this time of year. People see the days getting...
Leading with Influence Instead of Power
Workplaces do better when managers lead with influence instead of from power or fear.
By Robert Jones EAP Trainer, The Village Business Institute It became apparent to me a long time ago that the word leadership is often misused. A good example is when workplaces promote employees internally because they have seniority, not necessarily for their leadership skills or ability to work with people...
Examining Our Unconscious Bias
As workplaces become more diverse, it's important we pay attention to unconscious bias.
By Nancy Boyle EAP Trainer, The Village Business Institute As our communities and workplaces continue to evolve and become more diverse, we need to pay attention to what professional practices may need to change along the way. We need to examine our unconscious bias . Unconscious bias includes the social...
Can Pets Help Our Mental Health?
Pets, including dogs, can provide mental health benefits.
By Stephanie Schafer, M.Ed., LPC, NCC Village EAP Counselor If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know the challenges and the rewards that can come from having animals in our lives. With the seemingly growing trend of emotional support animals that we have heard in the news, such as an...
How EMDR Can Help Kids
Close up of a child's eyes
When something bad happens to us, the whole body remembers it. Negative thoughts can get stuck in places where talk therapy just can’t reach. Kids might not be able to express traumatic or disturbing memories – “icky” or “mixed up” thoughts and feelings, as Grand Forks Village therapist Janet Amundson...